IWatch Refill Disposable Hand Movement?

Leaked specs iWatch gradually revealed, although Apple never confirmed. Reportedly, the iPhone create currently exploring alternative methods of charging batteries for smart watches.

appleiwatchMethods under consideration include wirelessly recharge batteries with magnetic induction. This kind of technology, has been offered by a number of Nokia smartphones.

Another method that may be used, use solar power, aka sunlight. It would be a kind of embedded solar panels on iWatch screen to save energy reserves.

Last July, Apple has also recently been awarded a patent for a flexible battery. This battery type must be easily paired with a layer of flexible solar panels as well.

Most interestingly, Apple also experimented with kinetic technology. With this technology, iWatch battery can be recharged by means shake or move when the active users.

Based on the description of the patent which Apple acquired in 2009, this technology allows the movement of the user’s hand, triggering micro charging station automatically at iWatch charge the battery.

It is not yet known, where the battery charging method that will be used. As usual, new mysteries will be revealed when Apple released its iWatch later.