Internet of Things and threats that haunt

Can we imagine, when all the electronic devices that we have connected to the internet. That era may soon.

Era, named the Internet of Things (IOT) is actually already started in recent years since the increasing number of gadgets that can be online.

internet of things

Call it like smartphones, tablets, televisions, cars, homes, CCTV, and even a refrigerator. And certainly, it would be much more in number in the future.

According to the calculations a number of technology companies, now there are 9 billion devices connected to the Internet.

This figure will be shot six times in six years. In 2020, it was believed amounted to 50 billion devices.

“But that is at issue, the security level of the IOT is still very low,” said Kopelke who currently serves as Senior Director of Technology at Symantec.

Without intending to frighten, Kopelke suggested that issues related to security in the era of the internet of things is taken seriously so there are no things that are not desirable.

Speaking of cyber city, for example. Kopelke give an example, what happens if there is a group of hackers who try took over the city for specific purposes.

“Starting from the electricity, water, infrastructure. Very dangerous if control falls to the wrong person. Security issues should be a priority if Indonesia and the cities would go to cyber cities, “he advised.

Then he also briefly discuss the internet of things on a smaller scale and individuals. For example, wearable devices such as fitness tracking.

According Kopelke, personal data in smart bracelet or smartwatch it might still be considered trivial. However, if switching to another person, it could be a hazard.

Users wearable devices that can be monitored lifestyle and medical history. The most easy example, this data will be very useful if it is sold to the insurance company.