Improve the Quality of Communication with Cell Phone Reception DAS System

harris communicationsThe development of information and communication technology is so rapid, in addition to help enable people to communicate and find information and receive information but also requires people to think ahead. In the era of information and communication technology today, communication is very important. Communication is needed in business, healthcare institutions, manufacturing facilities, universities, large retail stores, and office complex.

But communication problems still occur because the leading operator though still not a guarantee for you to get a quality wireless communications services. Your opportunity to grow your business is hampered by the dashed signal.

Weak cell phone signal caused by various reasons. Building size affects the strength of the signal with the signal attenuation and interference by objects that reflect the signal in the building. This is common in large buildings. Some of the materials used in building construction also attenuate the signal. Building with very thick walls and concrete floors, fiberglass insulated roofs and windows of metal which is known to block the signal.

If such a situation is building, would be very detrimental because communication is hampered. To overcome these problems you need a cell phone signal amplifier to be installed in building your business to amplify the signal so that the mobile phone allows users to roam freely without worrying about communication is hampered. Harris Communications provides turnkey solutions in DAS development. DAS in Rock Hill, SC is supported by professional installation and reliable products such as cell repeater and wireless extender. We were able to improve cell phone signal and ensure that your employees, clients, and customers experience a better cell phone reception. An in-building DAS consists of small antennas distributed throughout a specific area. The antenna is then connected to a central controller or power source. With DAS system ensures consistent wireless systems and strong throughout the building. The system is designed to meet the specific needs of the facility.