Huawei USB Modem & So Can WiFi Wireless Storage

Huawei launches 6 new modem device. However, of the six such devices, there is an interesting one that is a USB modem that can be at the same WiFi wireless storage media.

modem huawei

The device carries the type E8321 and have a design like most are shaped like a USB modem dongle. Interestingly, it turns out though equipped with a USB port, users do not have to plug it into the computer.

The USB port can be considered only as a power supply, so long as the user striking in USB port which has the power, directly E8321 can be used.

That is not only to laptops – in a way plugged into the USB charger or USB port – even in the car this device can already be directly used.

The surplus is not only that, by inserting a micro SD memory card slot available, E8321 can also directly serve as a wireless storage media.

That way users can share files to other WiFi users are connected by way of uploading directly to the E8321. As for the other users just download the desired file from the E8321.

USB modem is priced at Rp 560 thousand also offers speeds up to 21.6 Mbps and supports up to HSPA + network technology. In addition, the modem can also be used simultaneously by 10 devices connected at once.

On the same occasion Huawei also released 5 other modem device that is E5336 which is a mobile WiFi with WiFi capability Extender, E3531 and E3533. Both are USB modems thin design, WS 331C a WiFi extender that can also function as a router, and the last was WS 319, which is claimed to offer a WiFi router signal is strong thanks 5dBi antenna technology.

Huawei also unveiled a Bluetooth speaker design that carries the type AM10 box with 4 color options and has the durability of up to 5 hours of usage.