How to Use the Apple Digital Wallet Pay

Along with the release of iOS 8.1, Apple Pay which means Apple has officially announced can be used. Apple’s digital transaction services that is designed to replace the function of a payment card into the iPhone 6. This is how life.


As with any payment card that requires users tapping into NFC sensor at the location of the transaction, using Pay Apple, the iPhone 6 users are also required to do so. But the difference in the Yag-tap is the iPhone 6 belong to the user.

But unlike ordinary payment card that can directly tap, Apple Pay requires the verification of the user while doing so. It’s easy, users simply scan the fingerprints in Touch ID features iPhone 6.

To prove it, a user then try out Apple’s iPhone 6 Pay to pay for food ordered at a fast food shop. Using the iPhone 6, which has enabled Apple Pay, users are tapping into the GCC sensors available at the cashier while move fingerprints.

Visible iPhone users 6 was not immediately successful, because it looks like the cashier had not turned the payment options via NFC. However, in the second experiment Pay Apple successfully used to pay for food ordered.

Here’s a video using Apple Pay.