How to Multitasking in Windows 10?

windows 10 features

Within days, Microsoft will officially release Windows 10. The operating system is going to bring a lot of updates, one of which claimed to multitasking capabilities more qualified.

windows 10 features

The company founded by Bill Gates showed off the capabilities in a video released today. In the video, Microsoft highlight three main features of multitasking capabilities of Windows 10, the Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist.

Snap Assist helps users manage the screen with ease. Windows users often open many applications at once. With this feature, the user can display four application windows simultaneously on one screen.

Users can simply drag the application window to the corners of the screen only. Windows 10 would even suggest how to fill out each section. Task View itself simplify desktop management. Users can create a virtual desktop to expand the work area.

This feature helps users working on multiple tasks, but do not want mixed. So it can be sorted out and placed in a different desktop screen without having to use additional devices.

While the Action Center itself puts all the notifications and a few settings. So users can do tasks quickly, such as replying to emails or adjust the brightness of the screen without having to open the application.

These three features above will directly sampled current users of Windows 10 officially launched next July 29. Windows 7 and 8 users can update for free.