Here’s How It Works Fingerprint Scanner Galaxy S5

After Apple and HTC, mobile phone manufacturers which almost certainly will adopt fingerprint scanner is Samsung. Features that are likely to be used by Samsung in Galaxy S5 also has revealed how it works. How?

Basically sensor fingerprint scanner is used on the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 has the same working principle. Both have basic functions as users login access options besides just using a PIN.

galaxys5renderHowever, compared to the iPhone 5S, arguably the fingerprint scanner on the S5 Galaxy reportedly have fewer advantages. Not just as an access log in the handset, the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner can also be to open a particular application.

Later, users can register up to 7 different fingerprints on the Galaxy S5. In addition to the access log, seven registered fingerprint will represent the desired application. As an illustration, when the Galaxy S5 in a locked condition, in addition to unlock it, users can also directly open the BBM app by scanning the index finger prints.

So also when for example the user wants to directly open the Facebook application from the state of the Galaxy S5 is locked, simply scan the fingerprint, such ring finger. But before it is possible, users must first register with the fingerprint application wants.

As quoted from Cnet, as well as the iPhone 5S, a fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 will also be located at the position of the home button, not on the screen exactly as previously outstanding issues. In addition, the leak was at once dismissed the use of the eye’s retina scanner that could be used is called the Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 himself reportedly slid in late 2014 Mobile World Congress this February.