Hackey can control all smart devices in the home

hackey smart home control

One more smart home products that you must have. Hackey, a Japanese-made device startup Cerevo who claimed to be able to control the entire smart devices in your home with just a twist lock that is on it.

hackey smart home control

Hackey, smart devices that can control a variety of devices based Internet service via the API is indeed unique design brings. Fist-sized device that uses adults as a key control center.

So, if you want to activate the whole smart devices in the home such as door lock systems smart home (smart lock), the bell smart (smart door bell), and so on, then you just have to turn the key in it and automatically hackey will send signal to each of the smart home devices via the server. You can even take advantage of IFTTT application to control or supervise the home through a smartphone that would connect directly to the server from hackey.

Interestingly, in addition to control all smart devices in the home, hackey also be used to monitor the activities of the entire household. Thus, through this device you can know if your child comes home from school with the child how to turn the key in the top hackey when odor entering the home and automatically you will receive a notification message on the smartphone that your child is at home.

In addition, hackey also be used to order a few items you need. So, once the device is connected to the sale of the site, then you can order the items you want at once turn key only.