Google’s Got a Street View to peek Hotel

Google will make it easier for travelers who want to see the hotel choices. Because there will be a street view but the view of the style in the hotel. So cool!

To facilitate the traveler, as well as promotional moment for hoteliers, Google Street View will also be present in the room at the hotel to be exact. The first area to be recorded picture is property in North America.

google street viewsThe plan, this photo collection will be completed by the end of 2014. One group of hotels, Carlson Rezidor said they are already working with Google. There will be a review in the style of Street View photo at 100 hotels under the auspices of the hotel group.

The photos will be displayed among other lobby, bar, restaurant and conference rooms. Not satisfied, there is also a virtual tour to the conference and meeting rooms, as well as to the pool.

Not only able to see it. Because after the satisfaction of seeing, later traveler can also be directly to book rooms in desired through Google Wallet. So far, there is a new group of Omni Hotels & Resorts and Marriott International are participating in Google Wallet. However, do not rule out the existence of other hotel chains will join later.