Google Translate Application Now Can be used Offline

android google translate

If you are located in a foreign destination and do not have an internet connection and find signs in English that are not understood, you can now rely on Google Translate in mobile applications.

android google translate

Users of Google Translate in Indonesia could enjoy visual technology that can translate text in r eal time and does not require an internet connection.

You just open the Google Translate app on Android and iOS phones, pressing the camera icon and directing the English text you want translated, such as street signs, restaurant menus or recipes. Directly, you will see the text transformed into Indonesian on the phone screen.

“We realized that most users need a translator tool when they are away from the computer, or when they are not connected to the internet, for example, when traveling or ordering food in a restaurant. We are working hard to continually provide new experiences according to user needs”, Product Manager, Google Translate, in a statement.

Indonesia became one of 27 languages ​​can now enjoy this technology. Additionally, for users in Indonesia where an internet connection is sometimes unstable, claiming Google Translate team also has updated features conversational mode becomes more smooth and neutral in weak internet connection.

This feature allows users to communicate with others in two different languages, which will then be translated by Google Translate in real time.

“Half of Internet content available in English, but only 20% of the world population is fluent in English,” added Julie. “I hope our efforts can help you communicate and find information you need, wherever and whenever you need it”