Google Smart Car Contrived Dizziness Fixie Bike

google smart car

In June, Google has released a report related to the development of smart car technology without a driver made by them. In the report, claimed that the smart car suffered only minor accidents 12 incidents within 6 years of the trial period.

google smart car

Described further, Google’s driverless car has been running as far as 1.8 million miles during six years of testing. 12 times the incidence of accidents that occurred also does not show the fault is on the part of Google, but because the driving behavior of other parties “outside normal limits”.

Surely it is an achievement that is quite encouraging for Google. However, after further study, there are still a barrier, which until now have not been able to be solved Google.

Google car still be confused by the presence of cyclists on the road. Security systems that they have not been able to fully detect with certainty the behavior of cyclists on the streets.

The Washington Post reports, Google advanced car had several times met with confusion when cyclists types of fixed-gear (better known as fixie).

On one occasion, Google cars meet at the intersection of four lines (intersection) with fixie cyclists. Because the cars Google first arrived at the intersection, then automatically cyclists fixie which is in the direction perpendicular even stop the speed by means of brakes on the track stand (fixie bike is not equipped with disc brakes, but the type of brake torpedo), the braking process by turning the pedal to back (usually while standing).

Well, the braking process itself does not make the track stand fixie bike completely stopped. Thus, Google’s sophisticated car confusion to decide, whether to go forward or remain stopped. In other words, both cars Google and cyclists alike into doubt at a crossroads.

“He (Google car) stops when it detects the presence of me. Then the car forward, and my bike just move a little bit, then the car stopped again. We were in doubt for a long time,” said a fixie bike rider.