Google Panda, Dolls Smart Personal Assistant Google

Google launched a personal assistant shaped panda named Google Panda. Google Panda is a physical representation of a personal asistant Google Now.

google panda

According to Google Vice President of Engineering, Cris Yerga, Google Panda panda introduce the Japanese public. In his presentation, Yerga demonstrate the ability of the robot panda in front of an audience.

Among them, Panda is able to answer questions posed by users. Some questions such as, “How much amount of vitamin C in oranges”, “How tall is Mount Takao in Japan” and others.

As if to re-assert the ability Panda directly, Engineering Lead of Google Panda, Ozan Mindek, bring one stuffed panda to the public then it has shown skill directly (without video).

“What will happen in the rain this week,” said Ozan to Panda. Then Panda also declare: firmly, “No, the rain does not seem to be down this week in Harajuku. Based on the weather forecast, the week will be sunny and the temperature stands at 20 degrees Celsius, ”

According to Google, Panda has three main features that capability, the mobile (portable), shock-resistant, and Unyu (funny). This doll has two versions, Panda 5 and 6. Google Panda Panda 5 made smaller than Panda 6.

This cute doll can also answer questions in 50 languages. While waiting time (pause) when the questions were asked and answered just 0.3 seconds Panda. Similarly, as quoted by Ubergizmo.