Google Maps on iOS is now also able to show where a full shop

google maps ios

Over time, the Google Maps application is also more and more alone. It is not separated from the development of its own Google Maps that provide novelty to be more user friendly.

google maps ios

If you are a user of IOS-based handset, the latest features of Google Maps can be enjoyed. Google Maps has added a new feature for users of iOS.

Not only can show which roads are being solid, Google Maps on iOS also will notify users any place that was crowded with visitors. Not only the store, Google Maps also can detect coffee shops, restaurants, grocery store, or even a gym.

These reforms also include informing the price of fuel when you are near gas pumps. This program actually started to run by Google since last July to look for a business that is quite popular.

In September, Google released a similar feature on Google Maps for Android users. As for those who use handsets based on iOS, this feature is now also can be used.