Future Innovations, Screen Glasses To Bend at cutting board

When the flexible screen in the Galaxy smartphone Round is the only one that is done by Samsung, then you are certainly wrong. Because the company has a dream in the future.

Yes, in a video duration 3 minutes 28 seconds, Samsung describe how they will make an innovative screen in the future. It’s just a concept, but is not imagination more meaningful than a dream?

samsungdisplayIn this video, Samsung showed how they had a vision to create a screen that can be bent. In fact, not only bent but also transparent.

Because of this innovation, the Samsung screen can be embedded anywhere. For example in the glass, cutting board, up on the windshield.

This of course is not just an ornamental accessories only. However, it is also a source of information to assist everyday human life.

Curious as to what the future of innovation in the screen? Here’s the dream embodied in a video below.