Fitness equipment Utilizing Virtual Reality Technology


Only use virtual technology to play a game or watch a movie instead? Well, try this one tool, because in addition to fun, the benefits to the body will feel.


A StartUp named Icaros GmbH headquartered in Munich, Germany, has released a tool called Icaros. As reported by Gizmag on Wednesday (23.12.15), the Icaros is a fitness tool.

Unlike fitness tool that has been widely circulated in the market, Icaros technology combines the virtual with the real world. The idea of ​​making this tool is based on the number VR game that began circulating in the market.

Use or Samsung Oculus Rift VR gear while wearing Icaros, sporting events you will be more exciting and enjoyable. Icaros designed by HYVE Innovation Design using carbon fiber materials.

Fitness equipment is also very easy to integrate with a PC or smartphone. Ergonomic design allows users to move the body to balance, concentration and reflexes remain intact.