Fight AIDS, Apple’s App Store Donates Profits

In commemoration of World AIDS Day 2014, Apple held a campaign to combat the disease. The trick is to donate the sale of a number of applications in the App Store to the Global Fund.


Currently there are a number of application developers who participate in the campaign called (RED) it. In total there are 25 applications are included included in the campaign, including Angry Birds, Garage Bands, FIFA 15, and others.

These applications will be bundling with a number of content (RED). In addition, Apple also will donate some profits from the sale of their products on 28 November and 1 December 2014. Each purchaser of Apple products in the United States on both days will get an iTunes gift card.

The two days in the United States known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is often referred to as the biggest shopping day in the land of Uncle Sam.

This campaign has been carried out Apple since 2006. At that time they donate money of USD 10 for each iPod Nano Red Special Edition sold. Until now, Apple has donated about $ 75 million through the campaign.