Facts Ara Project, ‘Mobile Crickets’ Google

We regained the lead in terms of innovation out of the box. The internet giant is entering a critical stage in a technological masterpiece named Ara Project.

What is a Project Ara? Why be called ambitious? Because the fact is, I put something different on this project. For Ara Project is not a regular cell phone.

project ara google smartphoneAra Project present as a device that is not just modifications of the software, but also in terms of hardware. Yes, like a puzzle, here’s a phone that can be assembled.

Around the end of October last year, Ara Project was announced, and the new developers conference Google I / O 2014, the Project Ara truly entered a new phase.

Before Project Ara became booming in the gadget market, there are good candidates for the user to know the facts of the Ara Project.

Fans of hard-line computer is definitely well aware of what is called the PC Cricket. Hardwarecomputer that can be assembled as desired to upgrade capabilities, or something to be discarded.

Every feature in the entire body of the phone, from screen, camera, batteries, and so forth can be removed and installed again with an increase in all sides.

The Ara Project Mobile is not like most smartphones. Because the shape is modular boxes called Endo.

Definitely Ara Project Basic Phone Offers

Customizing software and hardware in a modular phone Ara Project makes one more advantage, ie the price that can be pressed as cheaply as possible. So anyone can have it.

I did want to bring Project Ara as ‘grayphone’. It could be the price of a basic phone Ara Project sold USD 50 or about USD 550 thousand.

With all the price obtained is versatile basic user, the camera features to the screen. But of course without contract from a particular carrier.

Ara Project idea itself comes not purely from Google, but from a team at Motorola Mobility purchased by companies that gush Android.

Modular Phone itself also works with Phoneblocks. This is a device that can also be dismantled using a modular system.

Along the way, as is known, Motorola has officially sold Google to Lenovo with a price of USD 2.91 billion. This sale price is well below Google redeemed when bought three years ago, USD 12.5 billion.

But later revealed, I was not completely remove the ‘contents innards’ Motorola to Lenovo. Many Motorola patents Google will be retained, including the development of Ara’s project. Looks like the concept of a modular phone does have seized the attention of Google.

Ara Project is not Android. However, both properties, which are open. Even open attitude also intended for hardware and software.

Google itself finally announced that Ara Project has entered the beta phase. In this phase I will choose the lucky 100 testers to become a Project fig.

A total of 100 lucky people were chosen out of 30 thousand people who had previously volunteered to be testers.

This beta phase will run for eight months, before finally reaching the final version. This means that the new smartphone to be mass produced. This means, the results of the project can only be purchased at least in the month of March 2015.

The name ‘Ara’ of this project is taken from the name of a person who developed the project, is Knaian Fig.

Ara Project was developed by three teams and led by Paul Eremko. Well, one of these teams is NK Labs, an engineering company based in Massachusetts. Where one of its founders is Knaian fig.

Ara is what is considered instrumental in the development of Ara Project and immortalized his name to the project.