Facilitated CEO of Apple, Applications Je Suis Charlie Carved Records

Personal email addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook called Je Suis application pave Charlie to be able to pitch in the App Store within 1 hour.

Though ideally, an application that goes to the App Store requires at least 10-15 business days or more.

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After the attack on Charlie Hebdo media offices in France, the developer creates a simple application which is addressed to people who want to share solidarity.

This application is quite simple, users – particularly in Paris – could check in is located, and then send messages that are in the form of support or information.

It is hoped this application will provide a global representation for the people who gathered in the streets of Paris to protest and as a form of moral support to the attack that killed 17 people.

Applications iPhone and iPad usually takes between 10 and 15 days to appear in the App Store after they submit to Apple, application Je Suis Charlie appeared in less than an hour, thanks to an email sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

On January 9, two days after the attack began, the two developers send an email to Cook and said they wanted this app helped. Just 10 minutes later an assistant Cook responded and said: “Great idea guys, we want to follow you.”

And sure enough, not long after application Je Suis Charlie is already available in the online application store, and until it’s been downloaded 118 thousand from all over the world.