Dell Smart Desk, Mouse & Keyboard PC with Touch Screen

Dell’s latest innovations on display at the event Dell World 2014. This time a computer with a touch screen called Smart Desk. Smart Desk allows users to work without using the mouse and keyboard.

In the session of Future Products Whisper Suites at Dell World 2014, Dell introduced the Smart Desk at the media and the present analysis. Smart Desk uses a large LCD monitor with a resolution of 5K and LCD touchscreen, making it easier for users to work interactively and productively.

dell smart desk

Making Smart Desk is part of Dell’s plan into a company that delivers products according to customers’ needs.

“Companies do not ask us to make PC or software applications better. They asked us to help them increase productivity, solve problems and bring business benefits better. That’s why Dell continues to innovate,” said Jeff Clarke as vice chairman, and chairman of Client Operations Solutions from Dell who attended Dell World 2014 at the Austin Convention Center, Texas.

What’s interesting about this is the Smart Desk LCD touch screen embedded into flat table. The LCD can replace the keyboard and mouse work.

If you want to use the keyboard, can appear on the LCD, such as using a tablet. Users can also bring up, shut down, or adjust the icons on the screen according to the needs of the job.

Smart Desk is designed for professionals in the fields of design, architecture and analysts. Hence Smart Desk is also equipped with a stylus that can be used to draw on the touch screen. There was also the option to assign a color to the designs that are being made.

Google Maps browsing experience is also becoming more attractive to use the Smart Desk. With tools such as a large ring that is placed on a touch screen, the user is no longer confused with the directions while browsing Google Maps.

Unfortunately Dell has not revealed when it will be released Smart Desk. So far according to the Dell, Smart Desk newly created as a prototype.