Cortana was going to Action in Computer

Currently Cortana indeed only be felt by users of the Windows Phone (WP) 8.1. But in the future and laptop PC users will be able to feel the voice command feature. Windows 9 will make Cortana called as a standard feature.

microsoft cortanaUnlike Windows 8.1 is fragmented in several versions for each of the mobile devices, tablets, and laptops as well as PCs, Windows 9 will say only have one version. But interestingly, the version that will be used in various types of devices.

This is what will allow the users PC or laptop to also be able to feel the sophistication of Cortana.

As reported by Neowin, Cortana implementation even Windows 9 reportedly has entered the testing phase and is heading to obtain stable version. So you could say Microsoft’s effort to immerse Cortana into Windows 9 seems to be successful.

However, as reported by Phone Arena, Tuesday (12/08/2014), is not as Cortana in WP 8.1 is present as a separate application, in Windows 9 Cortana will reportedly be integrated in the Windows system itself. Unfortunately, so far there has been no information on the methodology used.