Careful Against Fraud in Google Chrome

fake update chrome

Emphasizes once again that the virtual world is not a place that is completely safe for everyone, Google tried to warn users will fraudulence in Chrome. Indeed, Google already has a security system that is claimed Safe Browsing already protects more than one billion people from phishing attacks, but the threat of the Internet did not stop there alone.

Threats in cyberspace continues to evolve. One form of it is social engineering threats, a method to reveal information about a person through psychological manipulation. The attack seemed to position the user as a victim, and the hackers are trying to help them. However, it was only a trick so that potential victims are consciously willing or allow hackers to move freely.

fake update chrome

Social engineering is more complex than the usual phishing threats. Often, the hacker claimed he was a trusted parties, such as governments, banks, and even not a few hackers on behalf of Google in this case.

This page, for example, recommends users to update their browser. In fact, it could be downloaded malware or a software user is potentially harmful to abuse the Chrome logo.

social login fake

While the support page of this kind directs potential victims to log into a fake Google page. In plain view, it looks like there’s nothing wrong with the site, but look at the URL in the address bar. This kind of phishing can steal your personal information, such as credit card or other details.

In conclusion, try to be more careful with this threat, for example by checking the URL of the site that you are. Hopefully this information is useful for you.