Browsing Incognito Mode in Chrome Not Always Safe

google chrome

When it wants to access the internet for more private in the Google Chrome browser, usually many users will choose to use incognito mode. Therefore, this mode allows browsing on the internet is not stored in the browser history.

google chrome

However, the events experienced by a student of the University of Toronto recently found that not always incognito mode promising surfing privacy.

Is Evan Andersen, who plans to be logged on to play Diablo III, was welcomed by the porn video seen some time ago to use incognito mode in Google Chrome.

Andersen said that he has closed the browser after watching the video. However, upon discovery of an error in drivers from Nvidia GPU, video memory is not erased.

So, when he tried to load the frame buffer, the graphics card instead draw what last used by Google Chrome. In fact, the information should not be stored because it access to incognito mode.

However, Andersen claimed that he could solve the problem. According to him, a patch for the GPU driver can be used to ensure that the buffer always be erased before it is sent to the application.

Furthermore, he explained that it is usually done by the operating system to the CPU RAM. Therefore, it is natural that it also occurs with the GPU. In addition, Andersen said that Google Chrome can remove its GPU resources before stopping.

Nevertheless, a blog created by Andersen, both Google and Nvidia are already aware of these problems. Unfortunately, Google said that it could not be repaired because the incognito mode in Chrome is not designed to protect users from other users on a single computer.

Meanwhile, the NVIDIA explained that the problem is related to memory management that is in the Apple operating system, and not the graphics card NVIDIA. Therefore, the NVIDIA driver has followed the policy of the operating system. Moreover, these problems are also not found in the Windows operating system.

This problem is not a first for Google Chrome. Previously, Google also already know that there is a similar problem occurs for the mobile version of Chrome.