Archaeologists Dig Historic Game Cartridge

A legacy of historic objects shape is not merely artifacts. This was evidenced by an archaeologist who finds instead the historic game cartridges while doing excavation.

atari game

Game cartridges were found to belong to the Atari 2600 game console Reportedly there are two game cartridges were found in the excavation of the one titled Extra Terrestrial (ET), while others are Centipede.

As is known, E.T. is a film by Steven Spielberg that tells the story of the friendship between aliens and humans. It could be that Atari trying to piggyback on the success of the film that worked on 1982’s through the game ET which is made.

Quarry located in the desert of New Mexico, United States (US) reportedly is a place purposely buried games Atari 2600 console.

The reason is because when the Atari is experiencing fallout. Pioneer of the gaming console is called a loss of USD 310 million as a result of the sale of video games which decreased significantly in the second quarter of 1983.

Since it is considered storing historical value, the second game cartridge also now been donated to the museum by the University of North Dakota in the US as a historic relic.