Apple Want Wear OLED Screen

A few months ago the news spread if Foxconn has been disbursed up to $ 2.6 billion to build a factory dedicated to producing Apple’s panel display devices.


This is confirmed by a report by the Nikkan Kogyo derived Shimbun. Japanese media have reported the results of a joint venture between Foxconn factory and Innolux was built to produce OLED displays that will be installed on Apple’s smart phone and wearable.

Thus, it seems that the Cupertino company wants to switch from the LCD screen which is usually used on the iPhone to the OLED screen. The plant is not expected to be operational by the end of 2015.

This means we will not see the iPhone that uses OLED display throughout 2015 until the iPhone 7 estimated present in 2016. This was certainly true for the iPhone 6S that buffeted the news release this year.

Foxconn and Apple did have a close relationship. Foxconn is a contract manufacturing pioneer and has long assumed responsibility in terms of the production of the iPhone every year. Billion-dollar factory was built on a land area of 133 hectares in China.

While the joint venture partner Foxconn, Innolux is one of the largest LCD display manufacturing in China. With the merger of two large manufacturing it, it is not impossible if the future, Apple managed to pin a sapphire in the iPhone screen.