Apple Macbook Air Start Production Retina Display

Until now the news about the release date of the MacBook Air 12-inch retina display is still a mystery. However, a recent news said, Apple confirmed if the event October 16, 2014 there will be a lot of rumors about the products that are expected to be revealed.

macbook air

Regardless of the latest iPad release, many people hope that if Apple will introduce a new iMac or perhaps even 12-inch MacBook Retina display that reportedly widely since last few months.

The latest report estimates that if this notebook device went into production in December. This means that the device will not be on the market until early next year.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday (10/10/2014), The Wall Street Journal reported if the supplier is producing mass Apple MacBook 12 inch Retina display.

It is estimated that this notebook will also be present without a fan, so the body of this device will be thinner and lighter than previous generations. Not only the release of the MacBook 12 inch Retina display, Apple is also expected to release a 12.9-inch iPad in early 2015.