64 Bit Processor Samsung Exynos Infinity Dubbed

If Apple has the A7 as its 64 bit processor which is embedded in the iPhone 5S, then Samsung is almost certain to be caught up. Brought together a 64-bit computing, it is said will named as Samsung Exynos Infinity.

exynosinfinityIn a banner ad, even Samsung has blatantly displaying the time of release is written clearly in Barcelona. Although not described in question is the Mobile World Congress 2014, almost predictable Samsung will announce at the event, along with the launch of the Galaxy S5.

Exynos infinity itself is said to be embedded on one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Carrying a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, this processor will likely continue to rely on big.LITLE architecture and octa-core technology.

As for the graphics chip Exynos Infinity ditandem with Mali T-628 is known to have 6-core graphics processor. In addition Exynos Infinity will also be combined with the use of 3 GB of RAM to maximize its potential.