5 Most Amazing Invention of the Century


As science, then a lot of things that were created in order to facilitate human life. Technology is clear evidence of the existence of scientists who are trying to improve the world.


1. Mobile

Apart from the benefits for good or bad, we can not close our eyes that mobile devices are becoming a very remarkable discovery, especially in building the instant communication.

In fact, 10 to 15 years ago the mobile phone is still a very foreign objects, and then its appearance changed the history of mankind.

2. DNA Test

Our ability to read and write genome (set of genes) has given us a deeper understanding of the biological identity of man and lead to breakthroughs in the field of health.

Freeman said, now people can be more proactive about the disease by trying to prevent it. He added that the present invention is also of great benefit to law enforcement and the legal system.

Not only help solve crimes and catch criminals convicted, but also to free innocent people from prison, as happened 337 times in the United States (US) since 1989 thanks to the results of DNA testing.

3. 3D printing

Esther said, this process is known as additive manufacturing is still in its early stages, and later, will have an enormous impact. With this invention, then humans can produce things that are already old and ancient. Tools and equipment can be made without the need of any special materials from several suppliers.

4. Application startup

Now many latest applications which grew out of the needs of the community. With the above applications, the consumer can meet its needs for anything, anytime and anywhere.

Esther said Uber as one of the companies that changed everything becomes easier. Although it is not a machine, but the discovery of the use of such applications are considered very impressive.

5. Forest genetic engineering

Scientists have genetically manipulated trees since the 1980s, but progress is hampered by bureaucratic problems.

But Freeman predicted that one day the entire forest with biological tree will be endemic throughout the world. Some trees will have DNA that can be modified to be more efficient. These trees would keep the food chain in the future, especially for the animals.

Freeman added, the trees can also be injected with carbon fuel to accelerate the process of carbon dioxide into oxygen, which can reduce the impact of global warming.