5 clothes dryer quickly help you in the rainy season

drying clothes

In the rainy season like now, definitely a lot of families who have difficulty drying clothes. Clothes are usually dry in a matter of hours, when the rainy season can be dry in a few days. However, all that can be overcome with a clothes dryer.

Yes, electric clothes dryer would be more useful in the rainy season. In addition to not need the sun, the drying process requires only electricity. Thus, you can dry them in the house without fear of rain.

drying clothes

The following five flash clothes dryer that can help you in the rainy season.

1. Platinum Air O Dry

Platinum is an automatic clothes dryer. You can hang wet clothes in the Air O Dry, and in an instant all your clothes will dry. In fact, with this tool, you do not need to iron the clothes. Because, Platinum Air O Dry is equipped with convection technology gentle spray dryer. In addition to clothing, it turns out this tool can also be used to dry shoes.

2. Portable Clothes Dryer-GYQ HY-01

Clothes dryer Clothes Dryer Portable HY-GYQ-01 can only be drying clothes one by one. Because the design of the device is shaped like a hanger. When clothes are hung on the tool, then the flow of warm steam will spread to the bottom and instantly drying clothes immediately. Additionally, the tool is also suitable for traveling because its design is minimalist.

3. Dryer ED 650 Modena

Modena drying machine can hold up to 6.5 kg of clothes. Not only this, Modena Dryer also comes with a jog dial control. With this tool, you need never worry again using wet work clothes, because within minutes of all your clothes will dry instantly.

4. Electrolux Dryer EDV-5001

From appearances, Electrolux Dryer EDV-5001 looks like a washing machine. However, these tools can only be used for drying clothes only. Electrolux also can accommodate more clothing, namely 5 Kg. If you have a laundry business, this tool may be very useful for you.

5. Diamante Dryer Ultra-800

Diamante Dryer Ultra-800 is machine clothes dryer with a capacity of up to 8 Kg. In addition, the appliance has been equipped with anti-bacterial features and filters to collect the fluff.