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Unique! Sony Camera Similar Perfume Bottle

Trends selfie, the term for the activity of self-portrait, has not subsided. Sony also responsive to make products to accommodate the rotating camera selfie, with a very unique shape like a bottle of perfume.

sony perfume bottle selfiecamera smartphoneSony will launch a series Cybershot cameras for the Chinese market with other forms of others. Reportedly, this camera will be introduced on 22 August.

The bottom part of the touch screen is quite large and the top is covered camera lens as close perfume. This camera can be rotated forward and backward with ease. For selfie, simply turn to the next.

With designs such as perfume bottles, it is clear that this new Cybershot cameras targeting women. Some photos leak also reveals the unique camera in the hands of women who look happy wearing it.

Reportedly, tangible Cybershot resolution perfume bottle will carry a resolution of 19 megapixels. The specifications have not been revealed.

Samsung NX3000 is a mirrorless camera, So Cool!

Samsung Samsung NX3000 is a mirrorless camera aimed at beginners and the general public need a better camera quality than compact cameras.

samsung cameras

The image sensor in this camera that is equivalent to the sensor used in DSLR cameras. Because the system includes a camera, the user can also change the lens as needed and the images are to be obtained.


Design Samsung NX3000 retro rangefinder camera or the film era, the top of the camera is made of a thin casing, there is a hotshoe for flash / accessories and wheel mode dial, there is the on / off and the mobile (for WiFI and others).

Materials to the top of the camera is very nice and made ​​of metal. For the lower part, the material of plastics textured. There are several colors, one brown that looks much like that of the skin.

The camera is relatively small and lightweight because only 230 grams. And the camera is one of the most comfortable to grip.

Although this camera is included for beginners, many buttons are available for quick access, so no need to change settings often go into the menu.

The buttons include: Fn (a kind of quick menu), AF mode, drive mode, displays, custom menu (can be programmed), playback (for reviewing images).

Moreover, in the existing lens i-Fn button, which allows us to change settings such as aperture, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation by turning the focus ring on the lens.

Not usually the entry level cameras provide a lot of buttons and wheel to change settings such as the NX3000. Therefore, experienced photographers will also be happy to use it. Because the buttons are all located to the right of the camera, then change the settings can be used with one hand.

Accommodate enthusiasts selfie (self-portrait), NX3000 LCD screen can be rotated up to 180 degrees. Its LCD screen is 3 inches big enough and clear, but the resolution is not the best current standards.

Its resolution 460,000 dots LCD. While in the intermediate and advanced cameras typically use an LCD screen 900,000 or 1 million points.

The screen is not touchscreen so can not change the settings or focus area by touching the LCD screen directly. Interestingly, if the screen is folded up, the camera will automatically turn on without having to press a button on.

Were somewhat unique to me is that the battery Samsung uses such as mobile phones to flat shape, its capacity is 2330 mAh large enough so that enough for a full day sightseeing. This type of battery is bigger than the Samsung NX300 that capacity is only 1130 mah.

Full battery capacity can be used to snap pictures of 370 times. For a photographic tour that takes pictures of the sunrise until sunset, you should prepare a backup battery 1-2. Memory cards are used is also unique, which is a micro SD.

Unfortunately, this camera can not accept SD memory cards. So that already have a lot of SD cards can not be installed on this camera. To charge the battery, Samsung provides a charge directly through the camera cable. Unfortunately not supplied external charger.

For image quality, roughly equivalent to the DSLR camera sensor APS-C. Quite a bit of noise up to ISO 1,600 from ISO 200-400, the noise is hardly noticeable, except the zoom 100% in the dark.

As mirrorless camera / DSLR, NX3000 can also record images in RAW format for experienced photographers who want to process the photos you want and the style of each.

There are also some photo processing mode called Picture Wizard. Some of these modes are: standard, portrait, vivid, landscape, forest, retro, cool, calm, classic and three custom modes.

Also there is the function of the filter include: Miniature vinyeting, sketch, and fisheye. When shooting in contrasting light conditions such as when sunset and sunrise, no dynamic range expansion function and HDR mode.

In the system, including the Samsung NX is still new and currently has 15 lenses are compatible with Samsung NX3000. One of them is the lens S (Superior) for professional photographers. There are many lenses that need to be made by Samsung, especially the lenses are of high quality / pro.

Some lenses that I recommend for NX3000 besides 16-50mm f / 2.8 include: Samsung 60mm f / 2.8 Macro OIS SSA for close-up / macro, Samsung 50-200mm OIS f / 4-5.6 for the photo subject is much like sports , wildlife, candid, Samsung 12-24mm f / 4-5.6, a wide lens for scenery, and the 85mm f / 1.4 for portrait photos.

Compared to the Samsung NX300 camera, which was launched last year, the NX3000 is slightly smaller and lighter, more affordable, its LCD screen can be folded upwards.

While the NX300 has an advantage in a sharper LCD screen and touchscreen. Image quality between the two similar-similar.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Price Cut

Actually, without any price discount Pocket Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera output has been relatively low for a video camera. That’s when weighing the video quality produced by the ‘pocket camera’ is.

pocket cinema cameraBut if that was not enough, Blackmagic Design has just circumcise Pocket Cinema Camera prices up by nearly half. If before the camera was sold at a price of USD 995, now costs just USD 495.

This rebate is only valid until August 31, after which the price will return to normal.

For the videographer who already have a collection of lenses or adapters for mounting the Micro Four Thirds, this rebate should be enough to attract attention.

The main advantage of the Pocket Cinema Camera is a high dynamic range, ie up to 13 stops. This can be achieved if the user record video in ProRes 422 format or CinemaDNG.

As the name implies, the Pocket Cinema Camera dimensions are very small when compared to other video cameras. Despite its small and weighs only 355 grams, it does not mean limited connectivity. Pocket Cinema Camera has a micro HDMI port, mic input, headphone port is also integrated in the body.

Duel Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera vs. Sony

Talking about mirrorless cameras, the longer the current trend is Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless camera. The second main difference is the design of the system.

Fuji camera adopts the design of analog cameras / film and rangefinder, where many tangible camera control wheel (dial), levers and buttons. While Sony is more modern and more like a DSLR camera but the shape is more compact and lighter.

camera mirrorlessProblem tactical control, Fuji has wheel / dial to set the ISO, and shutter speed that is above the camera, and the aperture is set by turning the aperture ring on the lens, just like the movie camera / analog. For those who frequently use the manual mode dial this will certainly help and feel enjoy to operate this camera.

Fuji has a collection of more lenses than Sony E lenses for mirrorless, but not yet complete. Most prices range between U.S. $ 6-12 million.

One that I often hear from the user’s friends Fuji is the process of JPG photo Fuji looks more natural and gives the impression of nostalgic films. Perhaps because the experience of Fuji that has been decades in the film era.

On the other hand, the Sony camera design looks more modern and more like a DSLR camera. Change the exposure settings like shutter speed and aperture using a dial wheel like a DSLR camera.

In some types of intermediate-advanced cameras such as A6000 and A7, many buttons that can be customized as desired and user habits

Canon G1X Mark II: Camera Compact DSLR Sense

First impressions were obtained when holding the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II is, these devices are not as compact cameras in general. Just look at the weight – 553 grams – heavier than some entry level DSLR.

Indeed, the specification of this camera is quite well. The sensor measures 1.5 inches with a resolution of 13 megapixels. The sensor is only slightly smaller than the APS-C sensor DSLR belong largely, or mirrorless cameras. 6 also features DIGIC processor which ensures a faster transfer of the menu and can reduce shutter lag.

Canon G1X Mark IIThough not an interchangeable lens camera, G1X Mark II has a capable lens. Equivalent to 24-120mm lens with f/2-3.9 aperture. This lens has a minimum focusing distance of approximately 5 cm in macro mode.

G1X Mark II is fairly heavy for a compact camera size. With the small size of the grip, handling the camera with one hand relatively difficult. Most likely the user will need two hands to be able to use the camera comfortably.

To perform a variety of camera settings, in addition to a number of buttons on the top and back of the camera, Canon also offers two lens ring. One of the lens ring has a clicky accent, like a ring to set the aperture on a DSLR lens.

The usefulness of the lens ring varies the user desires. Diaphragm, shutter speed, adjusting the zoom lens, autofocus as well. However, the use of lens ring to adjust the focus is too slow, because the turning radius is too large.

At the top of the camera there are a few buttons, the shutter button, the camera power button and the play button to view the photos. There is also a play button to select a shooting mode. Oh yes, at the bottom of the shutter button there is also a button to adjust the zoom lens.

The back is dominated by a 3-inch LCD with capacitive touchscreen capabilities. It makes the touch screen is very intuitive and easy to use, touch screen in a sort of upper-class smartphones.

With the touch screen, the user can determine the focal point, navigate while viewing a picture, or delete unwanted photos.

This LCD can be rotated 180 degrees to the front-facing camera, it’ll be fun for lovers selfie. In addition to its LCD can be rotated up to 45 degrees down. Unfortunately this feature is not useful when taking pictures in portrait.

LCD is also a window only to see the photos to be taken. This is because Canon does not provide an optical or electronic viewfinder on the G1X Mark II. If users feel needed, available EVF can be purchased optionally, and can be mounted on the camera hotshoe.

In addition, the back of the camera is also there are some buttons with various functions. Among other things, go into manual focus mode, set the autofocus mode, and go into the menu.

But according, the most useful button is the button function set that is in the middle of the play button. This button is a quick access to the camera’s main menu, such as autofocus mode, metering, picture quality options, and so forth.

To turn on the feature WiFi, Canon also gives a special key. Wi-Fi can be used to connect the G1X Mark II to iOS and Android smartphones, both with the help of Canon CameraWindow application available in the App Store and Play Store.

The function of the application in addition to send photos to smartphones, can also perform remote shooting with a smartphone as a controller.

Canon Make Nokia Camera would be Great

Microsoft and Canon has announced a cross-licensing deal. This means that both companies are able to access and use each other’s patent portfolios of both.

Unfortunately, Microsoft and Canon did not specify the type of patent deal or anything that will be shared. But clearly digital imaging products and mobile consumer included in the deal.

Nokia, which is now its mobile division has been taken over by Microsoft, has been released several times by phone or smartphone camera technology more advanced than its competitors.

nokia camera canonOne of them is the Nokia Lumia 1020, a device with 41 megapixel resolution camera Pureview.

By agreement between Canon and Microsoft is not impossible in the future Lumia device will use sensors, lenses, and Canon’s image processor technology.

If it does happen, chances are the quality of the images produced by these devices can beat any iPhone or Android device.

Nokia usually uses artificial Carl Zeiss lens for superior smartphone. Also the sensor size is slightly larger than the sensor in a smartphone competitors.

There is also the possibility that such cooperation will be used to improve the performance of Microsoft Kinect sensor, or the output of the Canon digital camera that comes with the Windows operating system.