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Equipped Drone World’s Smallest Camera Features

smallest drone

Axis vidios claimed as the world’s smallest drone. Devices with this camera has a size of 1.5 square inches.

smallest drone

Despite its small size and can be grasped by the hand, Axis Vidius can record 420p image. Latest drone is also equipped with features video streaming, WiFi and can fly for five to seven minutes.

Vidius controller comes with 2.4 GHz and can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. This brand-new device reportedly began entering the stage of pre-orders with shipments on January 29, 2015.

Prior to January 7, the drone is priced at USD75. Passing from January 7, Axis Vidius sold for USD95.
Because of its small and weighs less than 0.55 pounds, users do not need to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. As is known, the FAA launched an online registration drones last December.

FAA encourages pilots and drone owners to register their devices until February 19 at a cost of $ 5 per registration. Drone registration program in the first day to the second record as many as 45 thousand applicants.

Robot Arm in Industry Will Work Alongside Humans

robots arm

As if not to allow this to happen, an engineer and designer Madeline Gannon develop Quipt. Quipt is a software that can control the robot with human movement. This software can be used on an arm-shaped robot which is common in the industry.

robots arm

When the robot arm has been installed a wearable apparatus, he will be able to interact with humans. The robot will read the movement of people and respond to simple signal.

With Quipt, will be many human workers who can work side by side with robots. Thus, the robot does not need to be programmed to do something, simply mimics the movement of the workers alone.

If the software Quipt been run in various industries, then there will be no employment discrimination. All people and robots can work together as friends mutually bonded to each other.

Finding Out Important Specifications for Industrial Equipment

X97 Bevel

X97 Bevel

Machine shops rely on a host of powerful and innovative equipment. When you are in the market to buy new machines for your own shop, you may wonder what are some of the newest models available to you. As you check out the array of machinery, you also might wonder how this equipment works and what kinds of specifications they can offer you if you buy them. You can do some fact checking about inventions like the x97 and other models by visiting the website of their manufacturer.

One of the first resources that you might access is the brochure for the machine in which you are interested. The file can be downloaded to your computer so that you always have it available in case you decide to buy the machine. The brochure will tell you how to use the equipment, what safety precautions to take, how to maintain and repair it, and what kinds of specifications the machine actually has. Once you have these details, you can use the machinery with confidence and likewise train the people who work for you on how to use the equipment to make the products for your customers.

You can also download the presentation for using these machines. The presentation can give you more details about what the machinery is capable of and what it might look and sound like when it is in use. Like the brochure, this information can be kept on your computer for safekeeping. It is also available online if you prefer not to download it.

Along with checking out the make, model, and other specs for the machinery, you can also check out other products for sale on the website. Using the appropriate link at the top of the page, you can find out if there are any other items that you might need for your machine shop.

You can also use the tab for contacting the company directly if you have concerns or need questions answered. The contact tab allows you to have access to the phone number, email, and physical address of the company. You can also use the customer service tab if you need help with your purchase or your machinery after it has been delivered. The website is set up to allow you to research and buy machinery that will be an asset to you and your company.

American scientists Collaboration to Develop High Resolution Microscope


Scientists from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute recently developed a new high-resolution microscope that can observe objects claimed to be the smallest of organisms, such as zebrafish embryos or fruit flies. Microscope called IsoView it is claimed to provide a more comprehensive view and high resolution of the biological processes of living beings.


This microscope is claimed to improve the spatial resolution because it uses four objective lenses simultaneously placed on the right object. According to Phillip Keller, head of the design team of this microscope, placing fourth objective lens in each side of the object that causes the lighter and 3-dimensional effect so that any small objects can be observed with more detail.

In addition to involving four objective lenses, this microscope also use the software to process the images generated from observations into high-resolution images. Thanks to special software made by a computer scientist Fernando Amat, the image of the organisms were observed through IsoView can be processed into images at speeds 3,2gygabite per second or 60 times faster than the image processing system ever.

Keller and his fellow researchers revealed that IsoView microscope was used to observe the nervous system and embryonic development of fruit fly larvae as well as the functional activity observed in the brains of zebrafish larvae. In the future, the researchers hope to use IsoView to observe biological processes of other living creatures and use them for more complex biological experiments.

Scientists Develop Metal lighter than Styrofoam

microlattice metal

The American company is better known as the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, has recently released a video showing the discovery of a new metal material which is very light. Metals named microlattice metal is claimed to be 100 times lighter than Styrofoam. In fact, so the lightness of this metal can be placed on top of a dandelion.

microlattice metal

Microllatice is a metal that was developed by a group of scientists from the University of California, Irvine, HRL Laboratories and the California Institute of Technology in 2011.

This material is formed of hollow tubes are placed in alternating diagonal pattern. Dr. Tobias Schaedler, the head of the study revealed that each polymer structure has a thinness to 100 nanometers which makes 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Sophia Yang, a scientist at HRL Laboratories microlattice compare with the human bone structure in which the outside is very sturdy, but on the inside hollow. Therefore, the bones are not easily destroyed, but very light.

Sophia also revealed that microlattice have several potential uses, such as heat transfer, shock absorbers, and a reinforcing structure including the possibility microlattice for use as aircraft components. But for now the researchers have not been able to determine with certainty the development of microlattice for more practical purposes.

Servicing and Programming Equipment with Technologically Advanced Tools


Altering and programming software and other equipment in your business requires your utmost attention to detail. When you want to take every care possible, you may find it easier to take care of this task by using tools that are built with the latest technology in mind. When you want to have these resources on hand for you and your staff to use as often as necessary, you can look online for suppliers like a Mastercam dealer that can make these innovations available to you quickly. You can receive instruction on how to use this equipment competently by researching the tools on the manufacturer’s website.


You may find that these tools guide you in making the needed repairs to your software. When you want to be absolutely certain about what to repair, you can allow the tools to pinpoint where in your solid works the repairs need to be made. You will then know what area of the works to change or upgrade, ensuring that the software will go back to working as it should. You end up saving time and money by using a resource that is designed for precision repair guidance.

Before you use these tools, however, you may feel more comfortable if you undergo training first. Using the training tab at the top of the website, you can find out when the next set of classes will be offered. The classes are held regularly during most of the months of the year. You can also find out what time they start and in what location they will be held. After you sign up for the class, you can join the forum that the website hosts for new and existing clients.

The forum link is found at the top of the page as well. When you join in the forum, you can get your questions answered and also find out what others are saying about the products. The support tab also exists to provide you with specific help in learning how to use this technology to your company’s advantage. If you feel more comfortable speaking to someone over the phone or via email, you can use the contact option found online as well.

Making repairs to your software and solid works can be challenging. When you want to avoid making costly mistakes, you may find it easier to invest in innovative tools.