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Favorite Game in Google Play This Month

Google Play app market note there are some games that favored by the user to this month. One of the favorite games are larvae of Heroes (Lavengers 2014).

game app favorite

Larvae Heroes is a game that makes the larvae cartoon character became a hero to save the city. He fought with his friends to protect the city from attack evil creatures.

A number of enemies coming from the black hole slit open from the sky. The larvae feel disturbed by their presence for stealing their favorite sausage to find the source of new life. To sum up the story of this game is similar to the story of the Avengers.

You can download it for free in the Google Play Store app market. It takes Android version 2.3 or higher to download this game.

In addition, you also have to provide an empty space 77 MB to install this game. This game has been downloaded 1 to 5 million times in the Play Store and last updated on 30 April 2015.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Show 4K

CD Projekt Red game developers have released footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Interestingly, pieces of the picture posted by Community & Website Coordinator at CD Projekt Red, Marcin Momot was performed with 4K resolution on the PC.

wirch game

Yes, when observed closely, 4K display at The Wicher 3 fairly spectacular, where the image shows the main character Geralt in the city with a windmill worn and cloudy sky in the background.

For gamers who are curious to see the images in detail, can click on the following link. Of course, in order to obtain a stunning graphical display, gamers must have a qualified PC specifications complete with a monitor that supports a resolution of 4K.

The minimum PC specification of open-world RPG game it should at least use the Intel i5-2500K 3.3 GHz processor and a GeForce GTX 660 graphics card.

As for console gamers, The Witcher 3 will appear with 1080p resolution at 900p for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developers have confirmed if The Witcher 3 will not be present in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt itself will be released on 19 May 2015. The developer has said if he would eliminate all the DLC in the game. So gamers no longer need to pay an additional fee to be able to download the DLC.

Alert! Hackers Discover How Powerful Squeeze Gamers

The spread of this type of malware that is used to holding important files belonging to the user or known as ‘ransomware’, increasingly rampant. Even now reported that ransomware also began targeting gamers.


Vadim Kotov, a security researcher from Bromium Labs in the report explained that he had found a new ransomware variant which is embedded in the video game.

Ransomware will target the important files in the user played video games. Start of achievement levels, the number of points collected, and various other files related to gameplay.

Once the files were taken hostage by hackers, gamers will be squeezed and were obliged to pay a sum of money in the form of Bitcoin. “This is the first time we saw ransomware that specifically targets gamers,” wrote Kotov.

In its report Kotov explained there are 40 video game titles that could potentially be used hackers to spread this ransomware. Some of these include the title of the popular video game played by millions of gamers. The following list of the Game Title:

  • Call of Duty
  • Star Craft 2
  • Diablo
  • Fallout 3
  • Minecraft
  • Half-Life 2
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • The Elder Scrolls and Skyrim speci related files
  • Star Wars: The Knights Of The Old Republic
  • WarCraft 3
  • F.E.A.R
  • Saint Rows 2
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  • Resident Evil 4

Besides titles above, Kotov also mention that this ransomware targeting be some game titles online. Among others are: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and some games made by Valve.

Microsoft Releases Games for Windows 10 & Xbox One

The latest game titles, Gigantic will be launched for the latest OS, Windows 10. This game also supports cross-play with the Xbox One.

new game xbox

“We partnered with Microsoft to publish Gigantic in Windows 10 and Xbox One,” said developer Motiga. Gigantic is a shooter game and prioritize the elements of strategy and cooperation to defeat the opposing team.

Each team has a Guardian and the game can be won if players managed to defeat the enemy’s Guardian. Guardian owned games should be kept alive so that the game continues.

The Guardian or heroes have special abilities that can deliver a shock to the opposing team. Battle brings the best elements of tactics and skills potentially win the game.

“We are pleased to partner with Motiga to bring Gigantic into Windows 10 and the Xbox One,” said Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Furthermore, Spencer said he saw a way to bring new, innovative experience for gamers.

Gigantic gameplay Motiga calls made to the world of mystery in the game, battle tactics and kemampua best players. Unknown when the release date for the game Gigantic.

AMD FX8320E, Cheap Processor For Gamers

AMD Release For GamerAMD released a variant FX and FX 8320E 8370E. Of performance testing, the second processor price is still quite friendly in this bag was already able to meet all the needs of gamers.

Frills letter E is pinned AMD, it turns out as a marker that the processor is more friendly with electricity, or in other words: more efficient. When the FX series 8320 125W TDP is reached, then the placement of the symbol E makes this processor TDP down to 95W.

There is indeed a consequence, when the focus would lower TDP. FX 8320E Turbo clock becomes lower than the FX 8320. However, the difference is not too large because the comparison is between 3.2 GHz and 3.5 GHz. The rest, in between the two processors can be said to be many similarities ability.

Like what FX8320E performance of this? Here are the test results combine with the following: MSI 970 gaming motherboard, MSI Radeon R9 280X, 8 GB of dual channel RAM, Hard disk 250 GB 7200 rpm, Cooler Xigmatek Dark Knight edition s1283w nighthawk and Power supply 700W NZXT Hale.

Motherboard MSI 970 Gaming has a lot of features, in addition to a cool appearance. Gaming Device Port which has, promising top-class connectivity for gaming devices, especially the mouse. Can make faster and smoother.

For those who like to play games with cable connectivity as in the cafe, this motherboard can provide more speed. The secret is in the Ethernet socket labeled Killer E2200. Able to analyze and segregate traffic data well, especially games and could reduce the lag that makes disgust.

For the USB slot on the back, there are 2 USB 3.0 and 8 USB 2.0 ports. While there are a few PCI slots, the PCI-EX16 as much as 2 slots, a PCI-E Gen Gen2 (1 × 16, 1 × 8), PCI-EX1 2 slots, and 2 PCI slots. Dual channel memory support up to 32 GB with the type DDR3 1066/1333/1600/1866/2133.


Storage Test. Trials with hard drives Western Digital 250 GB 7200 RPM. The resulting scores, 1947. While working, the processor heat is known to be dropped and stabilized below 20 degrees celsius.

Fire Strike Ultra. What if the processor is used to run the game with a resolution of 4K? Depending on what games are played. Cliché is, but the good news in general can.

Moreover, if the graphics card is used also support 4K. At least, Ultra Strike Fire testing had shown the figure above 15 fps (frames per second) although finally fell in Graphics Test 1.

While Graphics Test 2 is more stable below 10 fps and it makes the game can not move properly. As a result, getting a score of 1964

Keep in mind, in this test Fire Strike is heavy, but were forced to run heavier again. But for temperature, testing the 4K mode shows the processor heat stable does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Fire Strike Extreme. Testing by combining CPU and graphics card under normal circumstances, got decent results, the 3582 scores.

Fire Strike. He scores high enough, 6493. The combination of FX 8380E with MSI Radeon R280X already minimize problems with fps. Graphics tests 1 and 2 do not ever get a reading below 20 fps. While a stable temperature below 35 degrees celsius.

Sky Diver. Benchmark aimed at middle-class computer is able to pass smoothly. Therefore, got a score of 17392. That means, a fusion of CPU and graphics card capable of getting an average of 100 FPS up. CPU temperature is also stable below 40 degrees celsius.

Cinebench R15. In this test, the processor is able to produce 498 cb. Indeed, from the database Maxon This processor is ranked seventh. However, the resulting figures indicate that the device is robust to perform activities related to videography.

Test Game

How it performs when testing the game? For games that are favorites: Battlefield 4 fps which produced an average of 65.9 with a delivery rate of 21 fps and the lowest image top 117 fps. Results were obtained from the highest game settings.

Need For Speed: Rivals, fps obtained for the mean is 29 262. Popular football game FIFA 15. This is certainly not a problem to run.

See, even though the setting of the highest installed, capable of penetrating 119 267 fps. The lowest value is 33 fps and 153 fps highest. This game provides fps lock mode at 30 fps and 60 fps. Please choose at will because they can still make the best game.

With a series of benchmark tests and games, FX8320E certainly should be considered for those who just want to build or upgrade desktop systems.

With a pocket-friendly price and performance are not sluggish, surely this processor is suitable for those who want to work creatively in the class entry or medium.

The existence of the motherboard MSI Gaming 970 could also be considered to be a partner of this processor. Audio booster can really bring the atmosphere of the game so much more interesting.

Moreover, for games that need detailed sound like a racing game. In addition, the motherboard cool dominated by black is also quite friendly on the pocket.

Archaeologists Dig Historic Game Cartridge

A legacy of historic objects shape is not merely artifacts. This was evidenced by an archaeologist who finds instead the historic game cartridges while doing excavation.

atari game

Game cartridges were found to belong to the Atari 2600 game console Reportedly there are two game cartridges were found in the excavation of the one titled Extra Terrestrial (ET), while others are Centipede.

As is known, E.T. is a film by Steven Spielberg that tells the story of the friendship between aliens and humans. It could be that Atari trying to piggyback on the success of the film that worked on 1982’s through the game ET which is made.

Quarry located in the desert of New Mexico, United States (US) reportedly is a place purposely buried games Atari 2600 console.

The reason is because when the Atari is experiencing fallout. Pioneer of the gaming console is called a loss of USD 310 million as a result of the sale of video games which decreased significantly in the second quarter of 1983.

Since it is considered storing historical value, the second game cartridge also now been donated to the museum by the University of North Dakota in the US as a historic relic.