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Microsoft introduced a 3D communication via HoloLens

3D communication via HoloLens

For those of you who have seen the Star Wars movies may already be familiar with 3D hologram message that is sent through the droid R2-D2 or BB-8. On the other hand, maybe not a few who feel that communications technology is only in the film.

3D communication via HoloLens

However, today in fact one of the famous technology company, Microsoft, has successfully developed similar technology. Microsoft has just introduced a new communications technology called ‘Holoportation’.

Although no intact as in the movie Star Wars, this technology allows users to communicate with others via a 3D hologram technology. So, two people from different places can communicate directly and as if it were in the same place.

To do so, the project which was launched by Microsoft Research’s Interactive 3D, users should use the augmented reality HoloLens. Thus, the user will see a person in the form of a 3D hologram of the display in HoloLens.

In addition, to provide a better experience, Microsoft is also preparing completeness camera that allows users to see, hear, and interact with other people holograms in real-time.

Not just to communicate instantly, Holoportation also allows users to record conversations via hologram had to watch at a later time. In fact, users can also change the size of the hologram is displayed and adjusted as required.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not revealed more information about the completeness of the camera used. However, some have referred to Microsoft’s technology is promising, because it is able to bring a new way of communicating that do not simply rely on video only.

In addition, although still in the development stage HoloLens Project Director Alex Kipman already using Holoportation for practical purposes. On one occasion, Kipman invite a NASA scientist Jeff Norris to talk about HoloLens of a separate place through technology Holoportation.

For your information, HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality device that has been sold since March 20 last. However, for now Microsoft has introduced HoloLens aimed at the needs of application developers. At the inaugural device, Microsoft equip HoloLens with some programs, such as Holo Studio, Skype, and Holo Tour.

Sugar can be used as a source of battery power

source battery

Sugar has long been known as a sweetening foods or drinks, but recently a group of researchers managed to develop sugar for other purposes. Is a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is doing research for sugar used as a source of battery power.

source battery

Researchers use carbon nanotubes to heat the sugar and produce energy. As a result, the process proved to have similar outputs with battery commonly used in modern electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

To do this, called The thermopower battery Wave (TPW) is using sugar to heat the heap nanotubes. After that, the results of this heat will push the tube in it and turn it into electricity as it is today.

In addition to sugar, the researchers predicted there are several other heat sources that can be used for more efficient than sugar. But from the calculation, the efficiency of the sugar in the battery in the trial had a value which is not far from the actual battery, which is up to about 1 percent.

In the test phase when the new TPW batteries used to charge the LED lights, but most likely this battery can change the future. In fact, this battery can be more useful than regular batteries for special purposes, such as charging the shuttles are eligible when space missions.

This is possible because in general the batteries can store up fuel will gradually lose power. Instead, the sugar will only be used when absolutely necessary, such as when the aircraft approached landing destination.

In addition, the use of battery-powered sugar can be designed according to the needs, such as for charging the wearable device. Not only that, the battery using this technology can also deliver power in large enough quantities when needed.

Note, however, this technology is still in the development stage and needs to be refined. One problem that needs to be resolved is access to sugar at any time when the main fuel is spent.

5 Most Amazing Invention of the Century


As science, then a lot of things that were created in order to facilitate human life. Technology is clear evidence of the existence of scientists who are trying to improve the world.


1. Mobile

Apart from the benefits for good or bad, we can not close our eyes that mobile devices are becoming a very remarkable discovery, especially in building the instant communication.

In fact, 10 to 15 years ago the mobile phone is still a very foreign objects, and then its appearance changed the history of mankind.

2. DNA Test

Our ability to read and write genome (set of genes) has given us a deeper understanding of the biological identity of man and lead to breakthroughs in the field of health.

Freeman said, now people can be more proactive about the disease by trying to prevent it. He added that the present invention is also of great benefit to law enforcement and the legal system.

Not only help solve crimes and catch criminals convicted, but also to free innocent people from prison, as happened 337 times in the United States (US) since 1989 thanks to the results of DNA testing.

3. 3D printing

Esther said, this process is known as additive manufacturing is still in its early stages, and later, will have an enormous impact. With this invention, then humans can produce things that are already old and ancient. Tools and equipment can be made without the need of any special materials from several suppliers.

4. Application startup

Now many latest applications which grew out of the needs of the community. With the above applications, the consumer can meet its needs for anything, anytime and anywhere.

Esther said Uber as one of the companies that changed everything becomes easier. Although it is not a machine, but the discovery of the use of such applications are considered very impressive.

5. Forest genetic engineering

Scientists have genetically manipulated trees since the 1980s, but progress is hampered by bureaucratic problems.

But Freeman predicted that one day the entire forest with biological tree will be endemic throughout the world. Some trees will have DNA that can be modified to be more efficient. These trees would keep the food chain in the future, especially for the animals.

Freeman added, the trees can also be injected with carbon fuel to accelerate the process of carbon dioxide into oxygen, which can reduce the impact of global warming.

Play Video Games Can Make Children More Smart

video game

Seeing kids playing video games often make parents worry. In fact, such activities can actually add to your child’s intelligence. Research conducted in children from 6 to 11 years found that children who frequently play video games show academic progress in school and had many friends.

video game

Although previous research has said it could bring harm and aggressiveness, but the results of recent research suggests otherwise.

Professor Katherine Keyes and his colleagues explain, despite playing video games are often considered to give adverse health effects, but these activities become a favorite for the kids spent playing with children’s mental health and cognitive and social skills are also positive.

The study, published in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology indicate average each user has the intelligence and competence of 1.75 and 1.88 times more.

There is no significant effect on mental health issues. Research also shows that playing video games also reduce the problem that usually arises in the interaction with friends his age.

Keyes Professor of Columbia University in New York said, playing video games is one of the entertainment takes as recreation for children. Results of the study indicated that children often play video games also have good social skills.

The role of parents is still needed to provide specific restrictions are necessary.

Great salary, What Facebook Employees Happy?

facebook markzuckerberg

People who work at Facebook seems very happy with his work. A recent data shows 96 percent of employees working in the largest social network was satisfied with his work.

facebook markzuckerberg

The data obtained from a survey conducted on workers at PayScale page 18 technology companies.

In a survey released Wednesday, the company formed by Mark Zuckerberg ranks first employee satisfaction level compared with employees of Google, Apple, Amazon, and Tesla.

Facebook employees, according to the data, also has a stress level that is 44 percent lower than any other technology company employees. What makes them feel happy with his work?

Glassdoor career site recently published a list of best companies to work and Facebook is the fifth.

Have a great income certainly makes people happier, but it is not income that is the reason Facebook employees are happy. Facebook employees are paid an average of US $ 116,000 in the first five years.

Then, employees who have worked more than 10 years his salary increased to US $ 149,000. This figure does not include stock compensation earned by each employee.

Another benefit is gained if one becomes employee Mark Zuckerberg is getting a free lunch and a snack, playroom, and a barbershop.

The social networking site was 12 years old that offers a variety of other things that also reduces the level of stress, such as male and female employees get four months paid leave when being a parent.

Also free health insurance for single employees. Meanwhile, for those who have been married, the insurance is charged at a low cost. The average age of workers in Facebook about 29 years and only 32 percent of Facebook employees are female.

“If you work for Facebook, you do not need to worry about anything. All the benefits you can feel, “said Glassdoor.