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What If Mark Zuckerberg Being Boss Twitter?

mark zuckerberg

More recently, Mark Zuckerberg attended a session that discusses Facebook AI Research and cooperation with several universities in Berlin.

mark zuckerberg

On that occasion, the founder of Facebook got a question which is quite surprising from one visitor: what happens when he served as CEO of Twitter?

This question is obviously in the spotlight. Interestingly, Zuck-familiar call-Zuckerberg replied casually. He said that if he became the number one on Twitter, then he will be brewing a flagship feature, the Live Broadcast.

According to Zuck, Live Broadcast feature will be a bridge for users with accounts of such important public figures. This feature is actually being implemented on Facebook. Live Broadcast itself also has a presence on Twitter separately from the application Periscope.

Zuck continue, these features could become more attractive if Twitter add some unique elements that hold a lot more users in the future.

“Live Broadcast become one of the interesting features. I think, colleagues in Twitter is already working hard to polish this feature in such a way. I am very sure, all of you will see a lot more interesting changes in these features later,” said Zuck.

For your information, Twitter user growth is slowing. In fact, the number of its own has been lost to Instagram, which has been acquired by Facebook.

Known, Instagram now has more than 400 million users. While Twitter only has 320 million users.

For the segment of advertisers, social networking and photo sharing this video has been holding 200 thousand advertisers, while Twitter only hook 130 thousand.

Sony Earphone Functioning as a Personal Assistant

earphone sony

On the mat Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, Sony not only introduce the latest smartphone from the Xperia series. Japanese companies today are also carrying a bluetooth earphone that can function like a personal assistant.

earphone sony

These earphones can help users get information about the schedule of activities, the weather, the latest news and updates directly without the need to open the smartphone. In addition, the device can also be controlled via voice commands to do some things, such as calling, writing a message, or ask for directions.

To be able to connect with a smartphone, called Xperia Ear devices equipped with NFC and Bluetooth support. This device can also be controlled through the application pre-installed on the smartphone.

Not only that, Sony also equip Xperia Ear with a special case that serves as a charger. With a full charge, the Xperia Ear expected to be used up to four hours.

Sony Xperia Ear calls will soon be gliding in the middle of this year. Unfortunately, no further information regarding the price tag of the device.

In addition Ear Xperia, Sony also introduced three new device concepts, namely Xperia Eye, Projector Xperia and Xperia Agent. Xperia Eye is a 360-degree camera with video recording capability in a long time.

Meanwhile, two other devices are projected as a support function Xperia Ear. As the name implies, Xperia Projector is a device that can project the image onto a wall or other flat surface. Not only that, users are also allowed to interact with the image display.

Then for Xperia Agent, the device is described as a small robot that acts like a personal assistant. This device can function like a camera and projector and able to provide information that best suits the user. In addition, the device can also be controlled using voice and connect with other smart devices.

Print Your Photo and Make Memory in Simple Ways


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The following technique is printing your photographs utilizing online vendor. You may need to make a record with a trustworthy photo printing organization. I recommend you to choose snapfish as the best and trusted photo printing vendor. You should do nothing more than transfer your photographs to your new record and choose how the photograph will be printed, choose the size and the amount of the photographs. Ensure that you check the expense for your purchase and ensure that you calculate shipping cost, and whatever other expense. You might need to consider purchasing Ciss HP to make your photo making cheaper.

Sundar Pichai was awarded the Largest Share Google

sundar phicai

sundar phicai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will be one of the highest-paid executive of a public company this year, after the Alphabet present it restricted stock valued at USD199 million.

Pichai receive Class C 273 328 shares on February 3 will be given gradually every quarter until 2019 when he worked at Google. This is in accordance with the rules in the company’s Mountain View, California it.

Pichai, who is a former co-founder Larry Page Goole, was appointed to run the search engine unit after the re-establishment of the organization became the parent company Alphabet last year. This award is the largest ever given to a Google executive officer equity grants have been reported in the filing, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. This is the first award Pichai since taking over the enterprise unit and the highest grossing.

Alphabet also provide USD42,8 million in restricted stock for Diane Greene, co-founder and former CEO of software maker VMware is leading the Google cloud business since November. Greene receive equity worth $148 million last year after Google acquired the technology company he founded Bebop Technologies.

In addition, chief financial officer Ruth Porat, who joins from Morgan Stanley last year, received equity worth USD38,3 million to be provided under the same conditions as the award this Pichai.

More YouTube Views Than Facebook

youtube channel

YouTube called the service of an audience of more than Facebook. At least, that’s what Google CEO expressed SundarPichai before investors some time ago.

youtube channel

Pichai said that YouTube users are accustomed to watching video in a fairly long duration. Pichai said that users watch videos up to thousands of hours total each day.

This statement is an affirmation Pichai told investors that YouTube watch more often than Facebook users of social media. Not only that, Pichai also want to respond to a statement like Facebook some time ago about the duration of watching videos on social networking.

Facebook previously revealed that the video services on their platform has been watched up to 8 billion people each day. In fact, for the first time, total videos viewed on Facebook reached 100 million per day.

However, the duration of videos watched Facebook is not comparable with actual conditions. Therefore, Facebook has a feature that allows the auto-play video automatically plays. In addition, Facebook also calculates a video was watched when has played for three seconds. Therefore, it was likely there Facebook users who do not watch a video to completion.

On the other hand, Pichai did not specify the duration of the video that has been viewed on YouTube each day.

However, according to a report from The New York Times in December 2014, stated that the duration of a user to watch a video on YouTube every day more than 300 hours.

Meanwhile, information from reliable sources said that the duration of a user watching YouTube reached 500 million hours per day in July. Google itself also mentions that the watch time YouTube has grown 60 percent from year to year.