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Fitness equipment Utilizing Virtual Reality Technology


Only use virtual technology to play a game or watch a movie instead? Well, try this one tool, because in addition to fun, the benefits to the body will feel.


A StartUp named Icaros GmbH headquartered in Munich, Germany, has released a tool called Icaros. As reported by Gizmag on Wednesday (23.12.15), the Icaros is a fitness tool.

Unlike fitness tool that has been widely circulated in the market, Icaros technology combines the virtual with the real world. The idea of ​​making this tool is based on the number VR game that began circulating in the market.

Use or Samsung Oculus Rift VR gear while wearing Icaros, sporting events you will be more exciting and enjoyable. Icaros designed by HYVE Innovation Design using carbon fiber materials.

Fitness equipment is also very easy to integrate with a PC or smartphone. Ergonomic design allows users to move the body to balance, concentration and reflexes remain intact.

Robot Arm in Industry Will Work Alongside Humans

robots arm

As if not to allow this to happen, an engineer and designer Madeline Gannon develop Quipt. Quipt is a software that can control the robot with human movement. This software can be used on an arm-shaped robot which is common in the industry.

robots arm

When the robot arm has been installed a wearable apparatus, he will be able to interact with humans. The robot will read the movement of people and respond to simple signal.

With Quipt, will be many human workers who can work side by side with robots. Thus, the robot does not need to be programmed to do something, simply mimics the movement of the workers alone.

If the software Quipt been run in various industries, then there will be no employment discrimination. All people and robots can work together as friends mutually bonded to each other.

Google Maps on iOS is now also able to show where a full shop

google maps ios

Over time, the Google Maps application is also more and more alone. It is not separated from the development of its own Google Maps that provide novelty to be more user friendly.

google maps ios

If you are a user of IOS-based handset, the latest features of Google Maps can be enjoyed. Google Maps has added a new feature for users of iOS.

Not only can show which roads are being solid, Google Maps on iOS also will notify users any place that was crowded with visitors. Not only the store, Google Maps also can detect coffee shops, restaurants, grocery store, or even a gym.

These reforms also include informing the price of fuel when you are near gas pumps. This program actually started to run by Google since last July to look for a business that is quite popular.

In September, Google released a similar feature on Google Maps for Android users. As for those who use handsets based on iOS, this feature is now also can be used.

How to Choose the Right VoIP Service

VoIP services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become one of the most popular and reliable communication methods in the world. The growth of VoIP has been unmatched by any other form of communication during the past decade. There are a couple of main reasons why it has become so popular in such a short period of time. For starters, the quality and clarity of a person’s voice when they are using VoIP is quite astonishing. It is crystal clear with none of the constant static that is common during cell phone calls. It has also caught on with the general public because of its extremely low price. It used to cost a fortune to make an overseas phone call. Now it will cost you almost nothing to call the other side of the globe. Here are some ways to go about selecting a good VoIP service.

VoIP services

1. What are their rates?

Obviously, the amount of money that a VoIP provider charges for their service is going to be the determining factor for the vast majority of people. The good news is that the VoIP industry is extremely competitive these days. This means that the average consumer can take advantage of the fact that these companies are willing to do just about anything to get your business. The rates that are being charged by many of the biggest VoIP providers are astonishingly low.

2. Will they let you pay a flat fee?

The way that VoIP providers charge for their services tends to vary. Some companies use the traditional method of charging by the minute. However, other companies have found it more appealing to customers when they offer a flat monthly fee. Basically, the customer will pay one monthly fee and he or she can make an unlimited amount of calls during that month. The flat fee may go up if the customer wants the ability to make unlimited overseas calls. Great deals on VoIP international calls can be found on

3. Is a contract required?

Contracts are not as common in the VoIP industry as they are in other industries. However, you will occasionally come across a provider that forces its customers to sign a contract. This is not the worst thing in the world. A contract does prevent you from leaving unless you pay an early termination fee. The advantage of having a contract is that you are locked in at a set rate.

Soon, Comments on Status Facebook Can Be Done Offline

facebook comments

Facebook now reportedly are testing a new feature that allows users to comment on a post offline status. Yes, with this feature the user can comment on posts the status of friends even though it was not connected to the internet users. Later comments will posted users only after the user connects to the internet back.

facebook comments

“You can comment on posts colleague who has just had a relationship recently even if the internet connection you are not friends. You can write greetings for example, and then posting those comments will appear after you reconnect to the Internet,” reads the post official Facebook about This new feature on its official blog.

Later, these features will complement similar capabilities that allow the user able to share and Like posts status despite being does not have an internet connection.

In addition to announcing the appearance of the feature immediately, Facebook reportedly will soon release an update feature that lets the user can still access the post status or news on the porch even when the internet connection is in good condition.

Best Android Applications 2015 Version of Google Play

google play best app

Soon, 2015 will soon be over. As a part of the world’s largest online store, Google Play Store has finally released a list of the best applications throughout the year.

google play best app

In the official page Play Store, Google announced that the list of applications includes free and paid applications from five categories. The fifth category is games, productivity, movies, books, and news.

For the category of games, the five best applications 2015 version of the Google Play Store is BIMA-X, Vainglory, Minions Paradise, Rush Magic: Heroes, Duel Brain PREMIUM, and the Billionaire. In this category, Duel Brain PREMIUM to be the only best applications 2015 that are paid.

In the productivity category, Google Play Store pick Dubsmash, Go-Jek, Periscope, Mivo, and Bestie – Best selfie Camera. For this category, five such applications are all free.

For the category of best-selling movies, Google Play Store named Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, American Sniper, Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Proposal, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and Chappie. In this category, the majority is dominated by the genre of action and adventure movies.

In the category of books, Google Play Store pick Koala Kumal by Raditya Dika, Accelerate Your Success by Yusuf Mansur, Humor fuel by Inzra B, Dilan: He is Dilanku 1990 by Pidi Baiq, Baby Proposal and After Offce Hour: true love comes second by Dahlian & Gielda Lafita.

As in the category of news, Google Play Store chose Metro TV News,, Tabloid PULSE, Femina, and Girl. Such categories of productivity, the fifth of its news app is free.