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Photo Magic ~ Latest Features Face Facebook To identify Friend

photo magic facebook

One thing that can not be denied on the Facebook social media are endlessly innovating is a proprietary technology that is advanced and qualified. How not, the presence of various features and innovations became evident that their technology that they have not kidding. And one form of technology facebook is quite capable and sophisticated owned is facial recognition technology (facial recognition).

photo magic facebook

Technology followed by Microsoft with the launch of various ages and similarities detection sites this has become one of the priorities facebook filled with upload pictures of users. Currently self Facebook has also developed facial recognition technology further with the launch of the feature photo magic. So, what does this actually a new feature? Here’s his review.
Facilitate Share Photos

When you’re a Facebook user uploading a photo that involves friends to your account, you will usually be asked by your friends to tag or marking. Well here sometimes you forget the Facebook account of your friends due to frequent your friends who renames.

But do not worry when you are using the latest features of Facebook called Photo Magic then you will be able to do the marking (tagging) and delivery easier and more powerful than you can imagine. From here you will eventually be eased for different photos.

Armed with face recognition technology, a feature that will also be embedded in the messages application Facebook Messenger is claimed to simplify users share photos you’ve just portrayed to his friends.

As explained earlier that the feature is the development of tagging feature on Facebook will have more sophistication than what the user imagined. This feature is very powerful because it will allow users to find the names of your friends on Facebook with just scan in a photo album without having to upload the photo.
Users Have the Freedom To Activate

Magic Photo feature itself will be launched this week for the iOS and Android users in Australia. The unique features that will be available prior to the Android platform will not force users to have to accept, but more than that option is enable features one hundred percent will be provided to users.

It means Facebook users will be given the freedom to activate or not. When a user activates this feature, Messenger will notify the user to share photographs, when the feature detects a new picture in which there is his face.

You need to know and you look at when you enable and allow this feature, then you must be willing to lose the privacy of Facebook. Because of this then social media is centered in Melo Park, this Caifornia allow the feature to be turned off.

The workings of this new feature quite simple. If you take pictures with your friends, then Facebook will automatically detect the faces of your friends who are in the photo. Then in a matter of seconds or minutes later you will get a notification or a notification that suggest to send photos to friends through Messenger concerned. With the permission of users, this feature will then start scanning to help identify the member’s account Facebook friends.

This feature is only able to scan only the members in the circle of friends. Although it is only to help identify the circle of users on Facebook this but this feature has become a solution that has been advanced for an activity in cyberspace.

Accuracy scanning photos on this feature alone depending on the user’s device is for Android users, the scan will occur each time a photo is taken while for users of IOS will occur within a certain time lag. Moreover it is also necessary to know that this feature will only scan new photos and can not be used to photograph the old.

Careful Against Fraud in Google Chrome

fake update chrome

Emphasizes once again that the virtual world is not a place that is completely safe for everyone, Google tried to warn users will fraudulence in Chrome. Indeed, Google already has a security system that is claimed Safe Browsing already protects more than one billion people from phishing attacks, but the threat of the Internet did not stop there alone.

Threats in cyberspace continues to evolve. One form of it is social engineering threats, a method to reveal information about a person through psychological manipulation. The attack seemed to position the user as a victim, and the hackers are trying to help them. However, it was only a trick so that potential victims are consciously willing or allow hackers to move freely.

fake update chrome

Social engineering is more complex than the usual phishing threats. Often, the hacker claimed he was a trusted parties, such as governments, banks, and even not a few hackers on behalf of Google in this case.

This page, for example, recommends users to update their browser. In fact, it could be downloaded malware or a software user is potentially harmful to abuse the Chrome logo.

social login fake

While the support page of this kind directs potential victims to log into a fake Google page. In plain view, it looks like there’s nothing wrong with the site, but look at the URL in the address bar. This kind of phishing can steal your personal information, such as credit card or other details.

In conclusion, try to be more careful with this threat, for example by checking the URL of the site that you are. Hopefully this information is useful for you.

Finding Out Important Specifications for Industrial Equipment

X97 Bevel

X97 Bevel

Machine shops rely on a host of powerful and innovative equipment. When you are in the market to buy new machines for your own shop, you may wonder what are some of the newest models available to you. As you check out the array of machinery, you also might wonder how this equipment works and what kinds of specifications they can offer you if you buy them. You can do some fact checking about inventions like the x97 and other models by visiting the website of their manufacturer.

One of the first resources that you might access is the brochure for the machine in which you are interested. The file can be downloaded to your computer so that you always have it available in case you decide to buy the machine. The brochure will tell you how to use the equipment, what safety precautions to take, how to maintain and repair it, and what kinds of specifications the machine actually has. Once you have these details, you can use the machinery with confidence and likewise train the people who work for you on how to use the equipment to make the products for your customers.

You can also download the presentation for using these machines. The presentation can give you more details about what the machinery is capable of and what it might look and sound like when it is in use. Like the brochure, this information can be kept on your computer for safekeeping. It is also available online if you prefer not to download it.

Along with checking out the make, model, and other specs for the machinery, you can also check out other products for sale on the website. Using the appropriate link at the top of the page, you can find out if there are any other items that you might need for your machine shop.

You can also use the tab for contacting the company directly if you have concerns or need questions answered. The contact tab allows you to have access to the phone number, email, and physical address of the company. You can also use the customer service tab if you need help with your purchase or your machinery after it has been delivered. The website is set up to allow you to research and buy machinery that will be an asset to you and your company.

Periscope add new features very useful

periscope logo

Periscope reportedly has released a new feature that is claimed to be very useful to enhance the experience of live streaming video to users. Applications were officially acquired by Twitter some time ago that, reportedly now has added features rewind and fast forward.

periscope logo

This feature is very useful for those who can not wait to watch the video being broadcast. Yes, usually 20 seconds at the beginning of the live streaming video will be used by the video makers to wait for more people to join. Now, with the fast forward and rewind features then you do not need to boredom for it because you can accelerate or even rewind live streaming video is being watched.

How it works is quite simple. You just need to push the replay button for a few seconds. After that, it will display a screen that displays video in a minimal format. You can move backward or forward through time ‘thread of time’ that is under video according to your will, then the video will automatically begin to play the video in seconds or minutes that you have chosen earlier. Not easy to use?

Unfortunately, this feature is available for most users Periscope on Android devices as well as the website version. The plan, in the near future these features will also be added to the iOS version Periscope.

Hackey can control all smart devices in the home

hackey smart home control

One more smart home products that you must have. Hackey, a Japanese-made device startup Cerevo who claimed to be able to control the entire smart devices in your home with just a twist lock that is on it.

hackey smart home control

Hackey, smart devices that can control a variety of devices based Internet service via the API is indeed unique design brings. Fist-sized device that uses adults as a key control center.

So, if you want to activate the whole smart devices in the home such as door lock systems smart home (smart lock), the bell smart (smart door bell), and so on, then you just have to turn the key in it and automatically hackey will send signal to each of the smart home devices via the server. You can even take advantage of IFTTT application to control or supervise the home through a smartphone that would connect directly to the server from hackey.

Interestingly, in addition to control all smart devices in the home, hackey also be used to monitor the activities of the entire household. Thus, through this device you can know if your child comes home from school with the child how to turn the key in the top hackey when odor entering the home and automatically you will receive a notification message on the smartphone that your child is at home.

In addition, hackey also be used to order a few items you need. So, once the device is connected to the sale of the site, then you can order the items you want at once turn key only.