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Fight Hunger, this Startup Process Nearly Fruit Rot


Tesco, an international supermarket group, which is headquartered in the UK, is the third-largest retail group after Wal-Mart. Last year Tesco dispose of more than 100 million pounds of food. In fact, these foods can be donated to charity.


A startup originating from Sweden takes a different perspective. Rather than trying to provide fresh fruits are about to rot, they dried the fruit and turn it into flour nutritious and tasty, they are marketed under the brand FoPo.

This flour can be mixed with water or sprinkled on yogurt or ice cream. “By drying fruits, you extend the shelf life, which was originally about two weeks to up to two years,” said Kent Ngo, one of the founders of FoPo. These fruits are processed in a manner to maintain 30% -80% original nutritional value.

This makes the logistics process becomes much simpler, so that the process becomes efficient food delivery. Not only for the local soup kitchen, but also to anyone who fight against hunger around the world.

“By using the dried fruits we also eliminate the need for a refrigerator to keep food age, which is sometimes very important for the people of developing countries when the power is off or in situations where there is no refrigerator,” said Ngo added.

“We can process these fruits until the last day of expiry,” said Ngo.

“We collect the fruits that are considered fruits ‘Rejects’, most of whom are too mature, the ugly, the shape is not perfect, or change color. But instead we also collect fruits and vegetables were perfectly edible.” Ngo said asserts.

The company founded by students from Lund University in Sweden have tested their products in this summer in the Philippines. Due to poor storage and transportation, a large amount of wasted food in the Philippines. At the same time, the state should feel desperate to provide cheap food needs. “Many people here do not have enough money to buy food for one day,” says Ngo.

“So we ask ourselves, where is the world’s flour fruit is most needed?” In disaster-prone countries and are regularly attacked hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. In addition, the company also believes that the flour is fairly inexpensive, but useful to provide humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes.

Ngo and his colleagues work closely with local markets and farms to collect lemon, pineapple, and mango, as well as experimenting with processing. As soon as the security aspects of the processed products have been fully tested, they plan to start selling it in stores and supply at low cost to nonprofit organizations.

“In fact, one third of the food produced in the world is discarded, the fact that the food would be more than enough to feed the entire population,” said Ngo.

“Sometimes the fruit discarded because we are too spoiled, because the fruit looks ugly, or because people cook too much food. We can not do anything about the people who cook too much food. But we can only do something about the rest.”

Manage All Your Passwords with the Application It


Along with the development of technology, we are faced with many tempting offers. Whether it be an application, a program, or the latest gadgets for example. It all usually already equipped with the password feature.


But, what if the password we have to memorize too much? Easy. Submit it at LastPass.

LastPass is a popular application to manage your password. LastPass already have the free version to manage your passwords on mobile and desktop.

The free version allows us to synchronize passwords, as long as we use the same kind of device (smartphone synchronized to other smartphones, for example).

Previously, the desktop version of the application can still be enjoyed without charge. But, if we use it on the phone, then we are required to pay a subscription fee of US $ 12.

Then, if you want to sync from the smartphone to the tablet (or vice versa), you will be charged the same amount of US $ 12 per year.

5 Attractive Features in Windows 10

advantages windows 10

Microsoft said Windows users who want to desire OS restore his trademark. Yes, in the Windows 10 start button finally back to the function and design are much more beautiful. Not only that, a lot of other interesting things in Windows 10. Anything?

advantages windows 10

Windows 10 itself has just been officially launched by Microsoft July 29 yesterday. Indonesia become the fifth country to be visited to Microsoft’s brand-new OS. The software giant also eliminate Windows 10 for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Than its predecessor, Microsoft brings significant changes in Windows 10. Now, by default, Windows 10 will invite users to view the desktop, which is already familiar to millions of users of Windows for a long time. Start button which is characteristic of Windows also appear again.

A myriad of other features are also ready to pamper 10 users, ranging from digital assistant feature, multiple desktops, Microsoft’s latest browser Edge, tablet mode, and others. Curious what? Here’s the summary.

1. Start button

Start button seemed to have become inseparable part of the Windows OS. Could be eliminated, the feature is now finally back on Windows 10. But do not imagine such a conventional start button menu in Windows 7, because Windows 10 menu is much cooler.

When clicked, the menu display start button is now more like the start screen belongs to Windows 10. In the start menu the user can personalize it as needed. Its design was stylish plaid style Windows 8 start screen.

The boxes were actually representing this application can be arranged. Size can be blown out of reduce, then the application can also be determined which one wants to be in the start menu button.

According to Andreas Diantoro, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, the presence of the start button in Windows 10 OS make it more familiar to users. In addition, Andrew also claims Windows 10 can run a variety of applications that actually created for the previous Windows OS, which is where the excess is making users more easily use it.

2. Hello Cortana

Features digital assistants indeed ordinary sound in mobile phones, but not so in the PC operating system. Yes, for the first time the PC operating system finally has a feature digital assistants who carried off by Windows 10.

Cortana, as Microsoft calls it. This feature actually has long been present in Windows Phone. Using this feature of Windows 10 users can run something in the OS just by saying it.

Shuffle my songs, for example, commands that we say to Cortana. A moment later digital assistants will automatically launch the music collection stored on the computer. Oh yes, but be sure say Hello Cortana first before asking for help to Cortana.

Cortana is a feature that is suitable for people who are lonely, Andreas joked on stage the release of Windows 10. But the talk is actually not limited to joke, according to Andreas, Cortana has the ability to recognize the behavior of its users. So the more often Cortana used, the more familiar with the habits of its users Cortana.

Cortana be seconded search for any existing Windows 10, both on the local computer, for example, search for files, or asked for help finding information on the Internet. Funny anymore, Cortana could also be invited to play. For example say, tell me a joke, then Cortana will give users a joke.

Affectionate joke is that the English language, so that when the less familiar will feel crisp. Maybe when it will already be Indonesian Cortana will be more attractive.

3. Continuum

Other features in Windows 10 is no less interesting is the Continuum or it could also be regarded as tablet mode. So this feature can make a Windows 10-based computer users know to use a PC or tablet.

This feature is very useful when users use notebook type of hybrid. When functioning as a notebook, the appearance of Windows 10 are in the desktop mode. But if the functioning of its hybrid notebook as a tablet, Windows 10 will automatically change the zoom so the touch screen friendly.

If noted, when the display mode Continuum Windows 10 so as Windows 8 that is optimized for touch screen devices. With so users so much easier to use than a desktop PC-style display.

Continuum mode will take effect automatically when the user remove the keyboard from the screen notebook hybrid. Thus even when the user prefer a tablet mode manually, the options can be accessed via the menu.

4. Virtual Desktop

Headache because most of the icons on the desktop or most of the tab on the taskbar? This kind of problem can now be easily resolved in Windows 10. There is a feature named Virtual desktop. So in Windows 10, users can have more than one desktop view.

Users can personalize each desktop display as needed. For example, the first desktop display contents are numerous applications for the job, while the second is for entertainment or multimedia, while the third was a special game.

So users will not be further complicated because there are too many tabs in the taskbar. The issue bejibunnya icon on the desktop screen will also be resolved with virtual desktops, because each one would have a desktop view of each designation.

5. Microsoft Edge

In lieu browser Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft is boasting Microsoft Edge. Glance browser view is not too different from IE, but there are features that are not owned by Microsoft’s older browsers.

One is the ability circling objects by taking it off directly in the browser screen, or even write a message. This excess is believed to help users if you want to share specific information about websites being opened.

The next object that has been circled on the website can be instantly shared via email or other services. Lucky Gani as the Windows Business Group Lead Microsoft Indonesia, at the launch of Windows 10 and then demonstrate the feature.

Lucky for instance want to ask for help his wife buy something over the internet. In order for items to be purchased can be conveyed clearly to his wife, Lucky then circle the number of the desired item, then sends an email to his wife.

Another advantage Microsoft Edge is already buried Cortana. So if lazy typing to search for something, users simply say only, Cortana will find on the internet.

Periscope Translucent 10 Million Users

periscope twitter

Periscope potential to pick up large numbers of users. Just four months after its release, its growth was significant.

periscope twitter

The video streaming applications currently has 10 million registered users. Given the increasingly crowded people take advantage of this application, the figure of 10 million would still be growing.

However, as reported by IT Pro Portal, Periscope is currently more concerned with the time users spend watching videos for Periscope in Android and iOS than the number of users or video watched.

Time watch is the yardstick very cared for by Periscope, Periscope and will continue to update the information periodically.

Periscope steal the show when Twitter acquisition March. This step shows the seriousness of Twitter in video services. Later, Twitter is diligent testing video ads and allows users to upload and edit their videos.

However, Twitter is still developing Vine separately. Service short duration of six seconds of video is bought in 2012. Interestingly, Twitter users seem more familiar to use Vine rather than uploading videos directly on Twitter.

Launched week, Angry Birds 2 Downloaded 20 Million Times

angry bird 2

Game Angry Birds 2 became available on Android and iOS since July 30, but the new week released a sequel to the Angry Birds game has been downloaded 20 million times.

angry bird 2

The developer of Angry Birds 2, Rovio, officially announced if the series Angry Birds 2 scored an impressive weekly. The game occupies the first position in the ranks of the iOS game and became the most downloaded game on your Android device.

Another interesting fact, since the game was released slingshot in Angry Birds 2 has been used as much as 1.4 billion times and countless users have completed more than 300 million level. Rovio revealed, if the Angry Birds are very popular in the market, just when the first game also became hits.

As in China, the game is very booming. This is different from the first Angry Birds gamers who are not favored. Today more than 700 million smartphone users in China already downloaded it, this means Angry Birds 2 is expected to break the record a new download.

For information, although most of the plot in the game Angry Birds 2 similar to the first, but there are some changes that appear in the new game. Level in the game Angry Birds 2 will be a multi-stage. This means the player must destroy some pig castle, and also pigs itself, after qualifying players will face battle against the boss pig.

Google Translate Application Now Can be used Offline

android google translate

If you are located in a foreign destination and do not have an internet connection and find signs in English that are not understood, you can now rely on Google Translate in mobile applications.

android google translate

Users of Google Translate in Indonesia could enjoy visual technology that can translate text in r eal time and does not require an internet connection.

You just open the Google Translate app on Android and iOS phones, pressing the camera icon and directing the English text you want translated, such as street signs, restaurant menus or recipes. Directly, you will see the text transformed into Indonesian on the phone screen.

“We realized that most users need a translator tool when they are away from the computer, or when they are not connected to the internet, for example, when traveling or ordering food in a restaurant. We are working hard to continually provide new experiences according to user needs”, Product Manager, Google Translate, in a statement.

Indonesia became one of 27 languages ​​can now enjoy this technology. Additionally, for users in Indonesia where an internet connection is sometimes unstable, claiming Google Translate team also has updated features conversational mode becomes more smooth and neutral in weak internet connection.

This feature allows users to communicate with others in two different languages, which will then be translated by Google Translate in real time.

“Half of Internet content available in English, but only 20% of the world population is fluent in English,” added Julie. “I hope our efforts can help you communicate and find information you need, wherever and whenever you need it”