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Hackers can Hack Android phone just by Sending A Message

hangouts apps

A security issue seems to haunt the Android smartphone users. Even this time, researchers from Zimperium Joshua Drake revealed that a hacker can hack Android phone quite simply using a message sent via the Hangouts app.

hangouts apps

Drake revealed that the security hole in Android phones allows hackers to hide malware through a short video. And the malware was going straight to work at the time the message was received. This is because the Hangouts app in Android automatically process incoming video received by users.

The process that occurs on the Hangouts app is also surely endanger the Android mobile phone users. Moreover malware on the video can be directly worked though the message is not opened. It could be that the users of these phones did not know if the phone has been hacked by the hacker.

Drake also said that the improvement of this security hole also would not be done in the near future. To that end, as a preventive measure, things that can be done is by not using Hangouts as the default messaging application.

How to Multitasking in Windows 10?

windows 10 features

Within days, Microsoft will officially release Windows 10. The operating system is going to bring a lot of updates, one of which claimed to multitasking capabilities more qualified.

windows 10 features

The company founded by Bill Gates showed off the capabilities in a video released today. In the video, Microsoft highlight three main features of multitasking capabilities of Windows 10, the Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist.

Snap Assist helps users manage the screen with ease. Windows users often open many applications at once. With this feature, the user can display four application windows simultaneously on one screen.

Users can simply drag the application window to the corners of the screen only. Windows 10 would even suggest how to fill out each section. Task View itself simplify desktop management. Users can create a virtual desktop to expand the work area.

This feature helps users working on multiple tasks, but do not want mixed. So it can be sorted out and placed in a different desktop screen without having to use additional devices.

While the Action Center itself puts all the notifications and a few settings. So users can do tasks quickly, such as replying to emails or adjust the brightness of the screen without having to open the application.

These three features above will directly sampled current users of Windows 10 officially launched next July 29. Windows 7 and 8 users can update for free.

Game Test Results in Four Fastest Smartphone

iphone games

iPhone 6 Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and the Nexus 6 is arguably the top four smartphone series that became the mainstay of the respective manufacturers.

iphone games

Which among them the most qualified when invited to play games? This is trying to look for the answer by GameBench benchmarking software maker.

In a report IB Times, GameBench run 10 popular mobile game titles are voracious resource in a fourth mobile phone, including GTA: San Andreas, Monument Valley, and Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Performance is measured on the value of mobile phones frames per second (FPS) and the median age of a variety of games that run. FPS stability is also included in the assessment. As a result, Apple’s iPhone 6 appearing at the top.

“IPhone 6 on average produce higher value by 10 percent while running tenth tested high end games,” said GameBench in its report.

“Galaxy S6 performed in second place, with more performance bottleneck that causes the framerate dropped to 30 FPS,” said the company. As for the third and fourth positions respectively occupied by HTC Nexus One M9 and 6.

Although the iPhone 6 had won the first prize, GameBench add a note that some games are more optimized for one platform than the other (eg iOS, rather than Android).

iPhone 6 also run the game with a smaller resolution than the Android phones (720p, 1080p versus on Android) so that the processing load is smaller. Screen resolution of the device in question is lower than most high-end Android smartphones today.

Differences that are under GameBench contribute to the high value of the iPhone 6. Going forward, GameBench intend to run tests on an iPhone 6 Plus which has a display resolution standard closer to Android.

Updated, WhatsApp Similar Web The Mobile Version

WhatsApp-Web version

WhatsApp quietly issued an update for web application or desktop hers. The form of additional management features that make the user can more easily change the kinds of things enough of the browser on the PC, without having to remove the phone and open the application WhatsApp.

WhatsApp-Web version

For example in terms of profile pictures. Users now simply click their profile picture on WhatsApp site, it will display an option to update the status, using laptop camera to shoot photos and upload new or delete a new photo.
The Next Web Menu new settings on the Web Whatsapp

Users can also delete and archive chat with friends directly from the web application. Not only that, group chat can also be treated the same, but with the additional option Mute and Leave Group Chat.

Additional updates can be found in the panel and the Group Info Contact Info. Now at the bottom of each panel there is a big red button labeled Delete Chat or Exit Group.

With the presence of these features, WhatsApp Web became more similar to cell phone applications. It thus facilitate users because it can perform various settings without having to remove the phone from the pouch.

It interestingly, all of the features added to the Web WhatsApp equipped with keyboard shortcut keys. Especially for the shortcut, seem WhatsApp remove it gradually because there there are also people who do not get it.

This update is the biggest change WhatsApp site since it was launched to the public six months ago. Previously there were only minor changes, such as additional color options for emoticons.

Tinder Dating Application Will Increasingly Unique in SmartWatch

dating tinder app

Messaging social applications are often used for a date or find a mate, Tinder, reportedly will soon be released for the Apple platform Watch. Later when it was released on Apple Watch, Tinder applications will take advantage of hands-free feature on the device. In addition to hands free, Tinder’ll also be able to monitor the heart rate of the user.

dating tinder app

But unfortunately not yet clear how to work in a hands-free feature that later. While the features that work to monitor heart rate, how it works is quite unique.

How? when later paired at Apple, Tinder will pair (match) of the second pair to measure their heart. When the user heart beat faster than normal when viewing a photo of the opposite sex who is also using Tinder at Apple Watch, it is considered you have a crush on him.

When the opposite sex even feel the same way when you are viewing photos, then later Tinder will assume the two sides were interested, which means they are suitable (mutual love).

Previously, these applications rely on features like for matching (connecting) the two couples. So you love someone in such Tinder, then clicking on the picture, as well as with the opposite sex, then the new Tinder will make communication (think fit or like each other).

Not only at Apple Watch but later Tinder also will enter the Android platform Wear. But not explained further about the launch date on the two operating systems.

Smartphone Future Can Detect Pregnancy


Researchers from the University of Hanover, Germany, is developing a technology that can make the smartphone into a pregnancy detection equipment. The researchers will make a sensor that allows the user to perform all kinds of biomolecular tests , including pregnancy tests, and also monitor the disease diabetes.


The sensors will provide real-time results and can be read via the application on the smartphone. Someday actually created, the sensor will be able to monitor the various liquids that taste of the body, such as urine, blood, saliva, sweat, and even breathing.

The women did not bother to buy a pregnancy test to prove if they are pregnant or not. Test pack will become the past, and instead, the smartphone will also be used to monitor the pregnancy.

Previously, the camera smartphones in the future is also expected to be able to give an overview of the constituent materials of the object in the photo. The camera technology, currently being developed by an engineer Tel Aviv.