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Android app to Keep User Privacy

app privacy user

Your smartphone is sometimes borrowed by a friend and without realizing it, your friends for fun on your smartphone or the term jock is ‘hijacked’.

app privacy user

Well, sometimes even the fad may be too overwhelming or even dangerous for you. To avoid these things, you’ll want to use a smartphone application to secure from all forms of fad your friend.

An application called LEO Privacy Guard, claimed to be able to protect your smartphone from the action of ‘piracy’ is. “This is a free application that is available for locking applications, security, management and others – others. With this app you do not have to worry about privacy issues and data security again, please enjoy the Internet,” according to a description written in such applications as Google Play Sunday (06/28/2015).

Some features of, among others, immediately lock and unlock all the applications in the phone after a knock, it is easy to change the theme and profile locking and locking profiles automatically changed according to time and location.

This application can download for free in the Play Store with a small enough size 3.9 MB. Through Google Play index known these applications have been installed up to 50 million. Need Android version 4.0 or higher to be able to install the application.

Tips Easy Ways to Block Negative Sites


Pornographic or adult content websites currently blocked by the government through the TRUST + Positive. However, often found new sites or adult sites that have not been included in the ‘black list’.

There is a manual method that can be done to optimize blocking pornographic sites through the user’s computer. Here’s how to block adult sites through the user’s computer.


Block Adult Sites in PC Windows 8

You must be logged in as an administrator account, access the Control Panel, select Network and Internet. Then, select Internet Options, click the Content column and click the Family Safety.

After that, select the user account that you want to apply the system block from adult sites. Then, select “On, enforce current settings”, then click Web filtering and select “can only use the websites I allow”.

You can then set ‘restriction level’ and choose the “Designed for children”. After that, you can close the window by clicking the close (a red cross on the right) and adult sites had been blocked.

Use the Add-ons Mozilla Firefox Browser

To block pornographic sites, you can also use the add-ons in the browser Mozilla Firefox. First of all, users can click on Tools, and select add-ons.

Then, you can add a new extension by searching on the search column. You can type ‘parental controls’ or ‘block adult sites’.

In the search results, you will find new add-ons associated with the theme of ‘parental controls’. Then, the user can choose to install. After that, the user DAPT set or access the settings to ensure that adult content has been blocked.

Block Sites with SafeSearch in Google

While browsing the Internet, users can safely surf in cyberspace with features ‘explicit filter results’. How to activate it, users can type in the URL

Then, mark or tick ‘explicit filter results’. After that, users can click the Save button. By enabling ‘explicit filter results’, pornographic content will automatically including filter and removed from Google Search.

New Tricks Hack Account Email

sms hoax

Do not think it had a super long and difficult passwords make cyber criminals can not break into your email account. Remember, cyber criminals have many ways to break into your account. Like using the following method.

sms hoax

According to Symantec’s report, some of the most effective fraud is often very simple. For example disguised as police and ask people to hand over their car keys.

This deception has two characteristics: simplicity (mode) and the fact that people tend to trust the authorities.

Lately, Symantec found the increase in spear-phishing attacks that target specific types of mobile users. The aim of this attack is to gain access to the victim’s email account.

“This social engineering attack is very reassuring and we have found many people were fooled by it,” said Symantec.

To carry out the attack, the criminals need to know the email address and mobile number targets, which is usually not too difficult for them to get.

The attacker then uses the password recovery facilities that exist on many email providers, whose initial goal is to help users who forgot the password to regain access to their account, among others, the verification code sent to their mobile phone.

After the criminal report ‘forgot password’, email providers – such as Google – automatically sends a verification code to the phone number of the original owner of the email account.

Well, here’s where the social engineering cyber criminals launched. A moment later, the criminal sends a short message to the original owner of the email with the claim as Google (or other email providers) and request a verification code that is sent.

Here’s roughly the hoax SMS contents. “This is Google. There has been unauthorized activity on your account. Please reply with your verification code”.

Unwary user might be easily fooled and direct reply to the hoax message with a verification code email account. If you have this, you have become a victim.

“Most of the cases that we have encountered, the user override Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail,” said Symantec.

For that, it takes the suspicion of users to messages asking about the verification code, especially if they never asked for. If you are not sure about the unexpected demand, the user can check with their email providers to confirm whether the message is legitimate.

And one more, usually request a verification code never needs a reply from the user. For more details, please refer to the illustration video so you can be more vigilant.

Google Launches YouTube Gaming

youtube gaming

The rumor that Google is preparing to compete with the Twitch was indeed true. The Internet giant this week introduced YouTube Gaming, special streaming video sites gamer.

youtube gaming

YouTube Gaming is positioned as a service separate from the main site YouTube. Like Twitch, the main menu in the form of streaming video related to gaming, both live and on-demand.

“You can search for content with confidence, knowing that typing the word” call “will bring up the ‘Call of Duty’ (the name of the game), and not ‘Call Me Maybe’ (the name of the music video),” said Google Product Manager Alan Joyce in a Gaming blog post on YouTube.

YouTube Gaming, among others, rely on 60 FPS video streaming capabilities that are important to record and watch videos taken from the game. In addition, Google also promises broadcasting facilities to YouTube in easy way.

More than 25,000 titles will have a landing page each on YouTube gaming, following the canals of gaming companies and partners YouTube content creator.

Currently the new Gaming YouTube service is scheduled to be available in the US and the UK, around mid-2015.

The presence of YouTube Gaming is already wafted in March, Google acquired after the failure of Twitch, who eventually bought by Amazon valued at 970 million US dollars in 2014.

Twitch is a similar service YouTube Gaming which has been dominating the realm of streaming video, livestream, and broadcast sessions of game play with viewer numbers reached 100 million per month.

Windows Phone Safer than Android & iOS

windows phone

Compared to Android, many who call that iOS is stronger in terms of security. But there was a more secure again, the Windows Phone.

windows phone

As stated by Eugene Kaspersky, founder and boss of Kaspersky Lab in a conference in Australia. He said, Windows Phone is a platform that is more secure than Android or iOS.

In fact, according to him, iOS is actually more vulnerable to burglary, although the system is supposed to be more secure. “Criminals more obsessed with iOS, and in situ (iOS-ed) there are many security loopholes,” said Kaspersky.

Worse yet, if there is a security hole was disclosed IOS device is infected, there is no third-party antivirus can fix it, because Apple does not allow developers to create antivirus.

Android was not better, because according to Kaspersky, green robot OS logo that get millions brutal attack at any time. And until now, Windows Phone is still very clean from such attacks.

Kaspersky said that the mobile platform as the three above OS should get more attention, because 97% of users engage in activities that use passwords, such as mobile banking. And that is the main attraction for criminals.

Kaspersky has the ultimate trick that mobile devices do not become a target for criminals, which disconnects the device to the internet.

It was practiced by the Russian security experts in their everyday lives. He still using feature phones made by Sony Ericsson as a cell phone. He does have an Android tablet, which is only used as a means of entertainment when he was traveling.

Android M Users Needless to Install Applications Again


Every time smartphone users reinstall the application after doing a security wipe or replace the device, setting the application in question must be reset to be the same as before.


With the Android operating system Google announced M last week, hassles like it will not happen again.

This is because the Android M has the ability to perform data backup application to the Google Drive service. Any application settings will automatically be restored once the user to reinstall.

Each application has a backup quota of 25 MB. Universally valid data backup features, and will be directly executed for all applications installed on the device, so that developers do not need to rewrite software or add functions.

Backup application data will be conducted regularly every 24 hours. Developers can arrange parts of any application data to be stored in Google drive.

Somehow, a pretty useful feature is actually not underlined by Google in the conference Googe I / O, on Thursday last week.

Android M itself is now still a developer preview version. And the final version of Google’s latest mobile operating system that will be released later in 2015. Changes Android devices will also become easier with features Data Backup App.