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Number of Malware on Android Reaches 1.4 Million

The amount of malware in Android continues to surge from 2012 to 2014. The cyber security company, AhnLab, said that in 2012 unknown malware in Android totaled 260 thousand. Two years later the number increased to 1.4 million.

android malware

“Now these cyber criminals using more sophisticated methods to infiltrate your Android device with malware,” said a spokesman for AhnLab, Song Chang-min.).

AhnLab also said that Android malware can infiltrate through fraudulent applications that are installed users. When successfully infiltrate the virus to steal the user’s personal data.

Therefore, the company is trying to make application security to address it. V3 application called Mobile Security system has two main features which is claimed to protect Android devices from malware.

The first feature is called antivirus performance and powerful privacy protection. Through both of these features, the application will scan the applications in the smartphone users.

Scanning will be carried out in two stages. First, before the application is downloaded, then after the application is installed. If this is done, users will be able to secure the device from a false application.

Other features in the app include Hidden Gallery, Application Lock, Privacy Advisor, Privacy Cleaner, and Anti-Theft.

Apple Buy Forest Covering 145 square Kilometers, for What?

Apple is known as the company continues to innovate. But recently, the company based in Cupertino, California is a policy that gives the big question. They are rumored to have bought the forest area covering 145 square kilometers, divided in two areas.

apple forest

Two areas each covering 131 square kilometers in Mattawamkeag River, Main while the remaining area of ​​14 square kilometers located in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Apple also promised that they would not tamper with the condition of the forest. Then, what will be done by Apple with forests covering it?

Apple revealed that the purchase of two green areas are used for the sole purpose of enabling the products they produce environmentally friendly as possible. And the second is meant to be forest land to supply the material to be used for packs of Apple products. By using a wrap made of paper and wood, then Apple at least minimize the garbage such as plastics that can not decompose naturally.

Updated, WhatsApp on Android Look More Fresh

Instant messaging application WhatsApp for Android obtain updates (updates) the display Material Design. This update makes the look more fresh WhatsApp.

whatsapp update design

Material Design is the design of the display that is brought Google to Android 5.0 interface Lollipop. The design has a characteristic that is flat, and the response is claimed to be faster.

With Material Design, users were treated to a new animation and change the interface of this popular instant messaging applications. Monitoring KompasTekno, typical green color bright original WhatsApp, now made older and resembles the color of Tosca.

Icon / contacts profile picture previously displayed with the design of the box, are now displayed with a round design. While the tab Calls, Chats, and Contacts at the top is designed more integrated, with the active tab is shown with white text.

Icon like Gallery, Photo, Video, Location, and others that appear after pressing the button on the top right corner Attachment also get updated design a new look.

In addition, the icon button Send owned WhatsApp now more resembles the Send button of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Send button only has a green color dots display design.

Update on Android is not yet available in the Google Play Store. To enjoy WhatsApp in Materials Design view, users can download the latest APK file WhatsApp, 2:12:34 version of Android WhatsApp official website (

Presentation Easy Ways to Android Phones

When making a presentation, we often use the remote device to help control the slide. Well, if there are no such devices, we can take advantage of Android smartphones. Furthermore simply install the Remote Office applications.

office android

Application Remote newly launched Microsoft Office for Android users. Previously been available for Windows Phone devices. We can free download Office Remote via Google Play Store.

Later, after connecting PCs and Android smartphones, we can control the Powerpoint presentation slides through this application. In fact, not only that, we can use this application to play and pause the video and audio in the presentation.

In addition, through this Remote Office, we are enabled to see the presentation notes and switch to the slide show thumbnails quickly. More interestingly, this application can also collaborated with the Excel application and the World.

When connected to the Excel application, users can scrolling, zooming, switching between worksheets and more. Thus even in Word, can perform the same function, plus it is possible to jump to headings and comments quickly.

Facebook Introduces Scrapbook for Kids Image

Although not specifically social networking share photos, many people like to share their precious moments with your child through Facebook. For the sake of facilitating the loyal users, social media Mark Zuckerberg introduced the program “scrapbook”.

This program is optional for users who want to organize their child’s photo on the social networking. Only photos tagged user to be added to the sheet Scrapbook.

Because most parents want to control their photos on Facebook, the largest social network in the world also has built several security features as well. Users can collaborate with their partners who have been “in a relationship” on Facebook, so that only the two of them alone can tag photos.

facebook scrapebook

To create a scrapbook, users need to open the “About” and “Family and Relationships”. There, Facebook will give you an invitation to make a scrapbook. Unfortunately, this feature can be enjoyed while Facebook users desktop, iPhone and Android in the United States.

Google Panda, Dolls Smart Personal Assistant Google

Google launched a personal assistant shaped panda named Google Panda. Google Panda is a physical representation of a personal asistant Google Now.

google panda

According to Google Vice President of Engineering, Cris Yerga, Google Panda panda introduce the Japanese public. In his presentation, Yerga demonstrate the ability of the robot panda in front of an audience.

Among them, Panda is able to answer questions posed by users. Some questions such as, “How much amount of vitamin C in oranges”, “How tall is Mount Takao in Japan” and others.

As if to re-assert the ability Panda directly, Engineering Lead of Google Panda, Ozan Mindek, bring one stuffed panda to the public then it has shown skill directly (without video).

“What will happen in the rain this week,” said Ozan to Panda. Then Panda also declare: firmly, “No, the rain does not seem to be down this week in Harajuku. Based on the weather forecast, the week will be sunny and the temperature stands at 20 degrees Celsius, ”

According to Google, Panda has three main features that capability, the mobile (portable), shock-resistant, and Unyu (funny). This doll has two versions, Panda 5 and 6. Google Panda Panda 5 made smaller than Panda 6.

This cute doll can also answer questions in 50 languages. While waiting time (pause) when the questions were asked and answered just 0.3 seconds Panda. Similarly, as quoted by Ubergizmo.