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Invasion 1 Billion iDevice

apple iphone deviceSome analysts in 2012 had predicted Apple would succeed to ship 1 billion iOS devices in 2015. Evidently, this figure reached Apple when it announced quarterly earnings this week.

Figures 1 billion includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Achievement announced after Apple CEO Tim Cook officially deliver earnings in the first quarter of 2015.

Shortly thereafter, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Apple’s Phil Schiller reaffirmed the most interesting points to post a tweet. “1 Billion iOS devices shipped !!,” he wrote viapschiller account.

This quarter is probably the shining future of Apple. The company led by Tim Cook has recorded a net profit of USD 18 billion, higher than any other company ever achieved in a single quarter. This is thanks to the 74.5 million iPhones were sold out during the quarter. This figure is up 46% compared to the previous quarter.

Achievement iDevice is almost the same with Android. Trace back, in 2012, research firm IHS iSuppli and Gartner predicts Android devices could reach 1 billion by 2013.

While Apple, the new end of 2014 or early 2015 will carve a similar feat. At that time, this prediction is based on counting the growth of the iTunes account.

Apple had just announced a 435 million active iTunes users. Apple is expected to have added approximately 12 million new iTunes account each month.

Although not an exact figure, but this growth pattern mencerminankan growth in line with the iOS device. On the basis of the growth of the iTunes account, although the numbers go to a very precise estimate, but predicted that Apple will sell as many as 1 billion iOS device at the end of 2014 or 2015 at the latest.

Complete Specifications Galaxy S6 Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S6 arrival is imminent, projected next March at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Specifications are reportedly devastating. Like what anyway?

BGR media citing reliable sources, claiming to have to get a complete specification of the successor to the Galaxy S5. If true, we can be sure the Galaxy S6 entered the ranks of the top Android smartphones this year.

samsung galaxy s6

On the runway, mentioned Galaxy S6 use a 64 bit processor 14nm 8-core CPU, which is 50% faster than the Galaxy S5. Not known what processor, but if Samsung really ejecting Snapdragon as rumored, the possibility of using Exynos Galaxy S6.

Another leak was a brilliant display of 5.1 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED with a pixel density of 577 ppi. The screen will not be hard to read, although under exposure to sunlight.

Turning to the camera sector, carrying the Galaxy S6 said 20-megapixel resolution with OIS. Then the front camera of 5 megapixels resolution with real-time HDR.

Other key specs include 32/64/128 GB of internal storage, 2550 mAh battery, built-in wireless charging, 10 minutes rechargeable battery can be used 4 hours, a digital wallet Samsung Pay, a layer of Gorilla Glass Cat 4 and 6 LTE connectivity.

It is also mentioned that the Galaxy S6 material manufacture of metal and glass, a material different from the Galaxy S previous editions. Unfortunately no mention of its RAM capacity, it could be as much as 4 GB as predicted. We wait on the game.

Mrs. Minister’s Earrings Lost Through Twitter

What nonsense behavior of Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Through his Twitter account, Bishop asks for help 90 thousand of his followers to search for the missing jewelry.

julie bishop

Bishop lost her pearl earrings when he was interviewed in a shopping center by a television station in Australia. In booms, the Bishop include a photograph of an interview session at the television station. In the photos it looks Bishop uses only one earring.

Bishop also include office phone number to be contacted by the inventor of the jewelry. The earrings were made by Kailis Jewellery, which is described as a luxury jewelry designer with pearls from the ocean south of Australia.

The Minister of this one was not long known Twitter. She also new to emoji, and very often use emoji in every booms

Facilitated CEO of Apple, Applications Je Suis Charlie Carved Records

Personal email addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook called Je Suis application pave Charlie to be able to pitch in the App Store within 1 hour.

Though ideally, an application that goes to the App Store requires at least 10-15 business days or more.

char app

After the attack on Charlie Hebdo media offices in France, the developer creates a simple application which is addressed to people who want to share solidarity.

This application is quite simple, users – particularly in Paris – could check in is located, and then send messages that are in the form of support or information.

It is hoped this application will provide a global representation for the people who gathered in the streets of Paris to protest and as a form of moral support to the attack that killed 17 people.

Applications iPhone and iPad usually takes between 10 and 15 days to appear in the App Store after they submit to Apple, application Je Suis Charlie appeared in less than an hour, thanks to an email sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

On January 9, two days after the attack began, the two developers send an email to Cook and said they wanted this app helped. Just 10 minutes later an assistant Cook responded and said: “Great idea guys, we want to follow you.”

And sure enough, not long after application Je Suis Charlie is already available in the online application store, and until it’s been downloaded 118 thousand from all over the world.

Archaeologists Dig Historic Game Cartridge

A legacy of historic objects shape is not merely artifacts. This was evidenced by an archaeologist who finds instead the historic game cartridges while doing excavation.

atari game

Game cartridges were found to belong to the Atari 2600 game console Reportedly there are two game cartridges were found in the excavation of the one titled Extra Terrestrial (ET), while others are Centipede.

As is known, E.T. is a film by Steven Spielberg that tells the story of the friendship between aliens and humans. It could be that Atari trying to piggyback on the success of the film that worked on 1982’s through the game ET which is made.

Quarry located in the desert of New Mexico, United States (US) reportedly is a place purposely buried games Atari 2600 console.

The reason is because when the Atari is experiencing fallout. Pioneer of the gaming console is called a loss of USD 310 million as a result of the sale of video games which decreased significantly in the second quarter of 1983.

Since it is considered storing historical value, the second game cartridge also now been donated to the museum by the University of North Dakota in the US as a historic relic.

Apple Want Wear OLED Screen

A few months ago the news spread if Foxconn has been disbursed up to $ 2.6 billion to build a factory dedicated to producing Apple’s panel display devices.


This is confirmed by a report by the Nikkan Kogyo derived Shimbun. Japanese media have reported the results of a joint venture between Foxconn factory and Innolux was built to produce OLED displays that will be installed on Apple’s smart phone and wearable.

Thus, it seems that the Cupertino company wants to switch from the LCD screen which is usually used on the iPhone to the OLED screen. The plant is not expected to be operational by the end of 2015.

This means we will not see the iPhone that uses OLED display throughout 2015 until the iPhone 7 estimated present in 2016. This was certainly true for the iPhone 6S that buffeted the news release this year.

Foxconn and Apple did have a close relationship. Foxconn is a contract manufacturing pioneer and has long assumed responsibility in terms of the production of the iPhone every year. Billion-dollar factory was built on a land area of 133 hectares in China.

While the joint venture partner Foxconn, Innolux is one of the largest LCD display manufacturing in China. With the merger of two large manufacturing it, it is not impossible if the future, Apple managed to pin a sapphire in the iPhone screen.