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How Important Size Megapixel in Camera Phone?

Later, some vendors offer phones with advanced camera features and high-megapixel resolution. Actually, how important is the size of megapixels in camera phones?megapixel camera

Pixel is a kind of unit to form images. But megapixels are not the only determinant of quality photos. The size of megapixels is sexy to the language of marketing. But in fact, in addition to the megapixel camera, there are other factors that determine the quality of the photo. For example, the quality of the lens should be good. Then the opening is wide so it can absorb more light.

For everyday use, it is not necessary megapixel camera size is too high. If it’s just a change in BBM profile picture or post on Facebook, the usual resolution camera will suffice.

Except for large size printing is a great need megapixels. But to post on Facebook two megapixels pretty enough. Megapixel is a feature that makes people interested to buy it, but not interested in camera with large pixels, but take a look at some of the other excellent features that make value-added.

Sony Releases Security Camera to See in the Dark

Sony said, this camera has a light infrared imaging technology that can “actually see in the dark” object with a radius of up to 30 meters.

sony camera cctv

In addition, there is also exposure-compensation technology that allows the camera while giving clear details of a person’s face or number plate of vehicles in dark areas. According to Sony, although the conventional infrared camera can see in the dark, but the details of the picture looks blurry or unclear.

This camera comes in three different models, SNC-EB602R, SNC-EB632R, and SNC-VB632D. Of the three models, the SNC-VB632D have additional features, such as LED-Illuminator that can detect movement within a distance of five meters, equipped also image stabilization, 2,14MP sensor and 3x optical zoom. Special models will be on sale from November.

Sony adds three camera models will be sold from 120,000 yen per unit. Sony’s target market, the company is security, warehouse, office, and home-based upscale consumers.

4 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Companies

The word “cloud computing” for some people may be unfamiliar to the ear, but for the expert information technology (IT), a new technology which was launched last year, is no stranger. Moreover, the benefits of this technology are very large, both for companies and organizations. With this application, users do not need to think about technology infrastructure. Quite subscribe to one or more of the services required with the payment made ​​by the service over the internet, users can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing computing tech support in Houston, TX

Migration from traditional IT systems to cloud computing (cloud computing) is considered necessary if the company wants to go forward and growing fast.

There are four advantages of the use of cloud computing for the enterprise, which can reduce risk, simplify infrastructure, reduce costs of IT spending, and practical. Cloud computing is the integration of various aspects into a single unit to boost productivity, in addition to reduce cost or the cost of IT companies. With cloud computing you can access your corporate information from various places through the Internet. In addition, the company will be assured of data security.

Cloud solutions allow companies to not run the risk. For example, if a moving IT workplace, then the automatic maintenance of the application will also be influential. Cloud solution can reduce the risk level. Therefore, all fully integrated and available in the cloud server.

In addition, for setting or IT management, the company does not have to worry about the infrastructure, because the cloud provides a service that enables companies to directly use the service.

Not only was the use of the cloud will be able to cut IT expenses. It protects against high costs. Then, the use of cloud is also considered to be very supportive in terms of practicality. Cloud enables companies to get the ease and simplicity. To support your company’s cloud computing services, cloud computing services should use reliable tech support in Houston, TX to facilitate your company in building cloud computing infrastructure.

Cortana will Have Features such as Dictionary

microsoft cortanaTypically dictionary – both print and digital -, the final destination to find the definition of a word that is poorly understood. But in the future called Cortana will also have the ability as a dictionary, users can simply say the word you want to know what it means.

But in front of the word you want to be known means, the user must add the command ‘define’, then Cortana will answer with the definition of the word in question.

It does not sound special considering Google Now and Siri had already had the capability. But excess Cortana than both its competitors is that it uses a database definition which apparently originated from the Oxford dictionary. Of course, the result would be more comprehensive than the two rivals.

Unfortunately, until now Cortana alone can not be enjoyed by all users of Windows Phone (WP) which are outside the region of the United States (USA).

Even so, many WP users outside the United States who have managed to outsmart order to feel Cortana. That is the way to change the region on his WP handset into the United States region. The disadvantage is that users who do not will feel special offers proffered Microsoft for the original region

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 Presents With LVF Features

Panasonic to re-add the collection line mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera is the latest of the series named GM Lumix DMC-GM5. Designed with a body that is compact and stylish, the Lumix DMC-GM5 has a pretty slim size, combined with a frame made ​​of magnesium alloy which gives the impression of quite sturdy and solid.

Equipped with Digital Live MOS sensor resolution of 16 megapixels and the Venus Engine processor, the Lumix DMC-GM5 able to perform the task of image rendering and color reproduction, so as to produce a very sharp image quality. In fact, this camera is able to produce reasonably good images in low light conditions at ISO sensitivity up to 25,600.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5This camera has been equipped with LVF (Live View Finder) which has a sharp resolution with 1,166K-dot quality with a fairly wide field of view. LVF permanently mounted on the Lumix DMC-GM5 has the exact same capabilities with other series Panasonic mirrorless camera, the Lumix DMC-GX7.

For those who like to capture the special moments with high speed, Lumix DMC-GM5 can do the task with the help of Contrast AF system. This system works by exchanging digital signals between the camera and the lens at the maximum shutter speed of 240fps. So Lumix DMC-GM5 object captures moving images at high speed and more accurate.

Various AF capability has equipped this camera, such as Face / Eye Detection AF, AF Low Light, plus Pinpoint AF and One-Shot AF to be able to maximize the use of the Lumix DMC-GM5 in a wide variety of shooting situations.

Additionally, the Lumix DMC-GM5 also can make video capture Full-HD high-resolution measuring 1920 × 1080, 60p in AVCHD progressive and MP4 format with stereo sound quality. In order for the results to a maximum video capture, this camera is equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen with high resolution 920K-dot.

Following the trend of today’s advanced digital cameras, Panasonic has equipped the WiFi connectivity on the Lumix DMC-GM5 for ease of sharing images via a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, this camera is also equipped with Instant Transfer feature that allows users to automatically transfer photos to a smartphone or tablet after the shooting.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 plan would go on sale in November and is priced at around $ 899 This price includes a 12-32mm sized lenses.

iPhone is Favorites pickpocket in the UK

Theft of expensive phones with pinch mode is not only rife in developing countries, but also in developed countries such as the UK. Among all brands of smartphones available in the country, the iPhone has become the biggest target of pickpocketing in the UK.

iphone 6 original vs fake iphone 6The latest report issued by the Ministry of Interior British show, several models of Apple’s latest smartphone, iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, and became a favorite pickpocket 4S in the UK. One of the security features of iCloud which can lock the iPhone from a distance, does not seem to make a pickpocket broke.

Mobile theft index is based on the period of August 2012 to January 2014 During 2012-2013 alone, there were 742,000 victims of theft in England and Wales. In the list was revealed, the women aged 14 24 years hinga are two age groups most likely to be a victim of pick-pocketing the phone.

In addition to the four models of the iPhone, there are several other brands of smartphones pickpocket target, such as the series of Samsung Galaxy and HTC. However unique, the BlackBerry 9790 device would be a pickpocket second favorite smartphone after the iPhone models.

“People bring their lives more and more in the bag with the bank details, email, and other sensitive personal information that is easily accessible on the phone.” Ata UK Home Secretary Theresa May, quoted by the BBC. “This is why it becomes very important that the government, police, and together the industry can overcome this evil.”