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VMware Workspace Suite Reinforced Google & Nvidia

VMworld 2014 event taking place in San Francisco introduced a variety of new products, the latest is VMware Workspace Suite. This product is a combination of multiple platforms to manage applications, data and devices.

vmware solutions

VMware Workspace Suite is claimed to have various advantages, such as high performance when running Windows applications on the device-level graphics on Chromebooks. It is thanks to the cooperation between Google and VMware with Nvidia.

Virtual Grid Nvidia GPU combination in the data center, processor Nvidia Tegra K1 on Chromebooks and the latest generation of VMware Blast Performance is claimed to deliver a virtual desktop experience that is smooth and efficient power.

VMware Workspace combines the capabilities of this new suite of VMware products that already exist. Namely tool applications, tools, content management and cloud storage files safe from AirWatch, a new company that acquired VMware, VMware Horizon for desktop as well as CloudVolumes service to deliver applications.

The result is a solution that VMware is claimed could produce enough consistent user experience with a single login for the end user, for as much as any application that wants to be administered. Applications can be accessed with the capability promised the same in all devices, both desktop and mobile devices.

“VMware offers the best and integrated solutions from the data center to the device, to create a package of end-user computing is simple and also safe for business and IT,” said Sanjay Poonen, Executive Vice President and General Manager, End User Computing, VMware.

The presence of VMware Workspace Suite assessed will help the next stage for VMware customers to do the job of mobile devices, where the desktop and applications delivered as a service or as service.

VMware Solutions For ‘Hunger’ Virtualization

The first day of VMworld 2014 to launch a new range of products VMware. VMware executives including CEO Pat Gelsinger introduced its latest innovation in the field of virtualization.

The new solution offered by VMware targeting the Chief Information Officer, IT managers, storage administrators, security specialists, to the Chief Financial Officer who wish to strengthen their organization.

vmware solutions

New products which are offered in vCloud Suite 5.8, VMware NSX 6.1, vSphere 6.0 beta, Virtual Volumes & Virtual SAN 2.0 beta, as well as VMware vRealize Suite.

Bill Fathers as Executive President and General Manager of Hybrid Cloud talking about vCloud solution offerings on Water (formerly VMware vCloud Hybrid Service).

The first is water vCloud Virtual Private Cloud, an on-demand instant access to hybrid cloud services operating in the elastic VMware environments. Then vCloud Water Object Storage, storage of unstructured data, which is claimed to be cost-effective.

Bill added that the use of cloud in the enterprise is now growing rapidly. In 2009, only 2% of enterprise workloads using the cloud. In 2014 to 6% and rising.

Another important announcement is VMware Integrated OpenStack, a service that allows companies, especially small businesses have the flexibility to build a software-defined datacentre (SDDC) at various technology platforms.

Occur deeper partnership with Dell VMware. In the new agreement, VMware will provide a pre-configured solution that combines VMware NSX with Cumulus Network in Networking Dell switches.

VMware opened the envelope anyway EVO: Rail, hyper converged infrastructure aimed to shorten and perform scale out of a software-defined IT infrastructure. This solution targets the enterprise segment of the various areas such as government services, health and education.

VMworld 2014 took place in the city of San Francisco until August 28. The annual event was attended by approximately 22 thousand participants from 85 countries.

This time, the main theme of VMworld is No Limits. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger emphasized the importance of courage in the IT sector leaders, especially to move to software-defined data center (SDDC) and the hybrid cloud is considered as the future.

“This is your moment. Business you, your company, your business leaders rely on you to show the way,” said Gelsinger.

Rake in Millions of Dollars from YouTube

You are growing up in the 1990s, would know that the program is quite phenomenal that time, America’s Funniest Home Videos. ABC made ​​a program that displays a video compilation of funny submissions audience.

youtube channel

TV programs are now probably already sunk. Not because it is no longer interesting, but slowly affected by the shift from television to internet media channels, one of which is YouTube.

In the video sharing website, viewers can watch the doings of various commonly seen on America’s Funniest Home Videos. The difference is, the audience can see it any time, any theme and can interact in both directions. Moreover, you can also earn money from YouTube.

What are supplied by Google – as the manager of YouTube – the video sender does not play games. Until there is willing to leave his job in order to produce a video that will be watched by many people.

The concept is simple, the more you watch the more well purse money generated. And do not be surprised, if there is earning money from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars here.

YouTube is a cross-country artist, there are well-known in the local some are going international. Diverse video creations, there are some that have amateur professional touch. The point velocity of money can also be produced from this industry.

Bring iMessage BlackBerry users Move to BBM

IMessage cases that began to be used by spammers to send junk messages, apparently used by the BlackBerry. The company invites the messaging service users to move to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Through a blog post, BlackBerry revealed several reasons why iMessage users should move on and use the BBM.

imessage apple

According to BlackBerry, iMessage can not control anyone who sends a message to the user. Because of this messaging service using a base cell phone number or Apple ID. So, anyone who knows a person’s ID number or cell phone can send a message.

“With BBM, users can control more who are accepted as part of the contact. Hence there is a commitment to send and receive messages,” wrote the BlackBerry, which is quoted on Monday (08/25/2014).

BlackBerry argued, if there is spam in the BBM due to the policy system itself. Users are in control of their contact list and there is no way to send messages without contact.

By using the base PIN, privacy is a major problem with spam iMessage. BBM protect the privacy of its users by only allowing users to send messages to contacts that are approved.

“Our enterprise messaging service safer, because the BBM adds advanced encryption layer. This ensures your message is not vulnerable to spying or hacking while being transmitted,” added the BlackBerry.

“On the rare occasion that you get spam or unwanted advertising, you only need to block the person from your contact list and reject further attempts to contact you in the future,” he said.

BlackBerry Messenger itself is not exclusive and is now beginning to open up to other platforms, including iOS to.

Unique! Sony Camera Similar Perfume Bottle

Trends selfie, the term for the activity of self-portrait, has not subsided. Sony also responsive to make products to accommodate the rotating camera selfie, with a very unique shape like a bottle of perfume.

sony perfume bottle selfiecamera smartphoneSony will launch a series Cybershot cameras for the Chinese market with other forms of others. Reportedly, this camera will be introduced on 22 August.

The bottom part of the touch screen is quite large and the top is covered camera lens as close perfume. This camera can be rotated forward and backward with ease. For selfie, simply turn to the next.

With designs such as perfume bottles, it is clear that this new Cybershot cameras targeting women. Some photos leak also reveals the unique camera in the hands of women who look happy wearing it.

Reportedly, tangible Cybershot resolution perfume bottle will carry a resolution of 19 megapixels. The specifications have not been revealed.

Razer Nabu Q4 Launched in 2014

Razer finally found the right time to launch the first wearable device, Nabu. After announcing the newest device in the beginning of last year but was forced to delay the launch, Razer finally announced that they will launch a device that will be the world’s first wearable device to be connected directly with WeChat social networking and gaming functions that, in the 4th quarter of this year, or rather in October. Razer will fix the price of Nabu less than $ 100 and the first market that will target is the United States market.


Razer Nabu is a wearable bracelet-shaped device that is the result of cooperation with Chinese social networking, WeChat and Tencent. In June Nabu Razer launched Developer Program that offers a free SDK and open-source hardware called ‘Nabu Developer Edition’ with a price of about $ 49.99. Razer calls now there are about 30,000 developers who have stated that they had worked together to develop software for Nabu and software designers like wargaming, Techland, shortbreak Halfbrick Studios and also has developed a number of specialized software for Nabu. In June also, Razer has launched a beta program of about 500 people were asked to perform a test of Nabu and give their feedback to Nabu.

According to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, Razer Nabu actually planned to be launched in Q1 ago but was delayed because of the time that the company needs to be agreed with medical experts to convince Nabu bracelets safe and will not cause skin irritation as is the case in many devices that have been currently available. Tan stated that they want users to be able to wear this device without worries will be exposed to skin irritations and the like and Razer always convince themselves that their product is ready for mass use than meet the target shipments rudimentary tools.

Nabu can be linked directly with both smartphones and compatible with smartphones that run the Android OS 4.3 (Jelly Bean) to the top as well as iOS, including the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. This tool is equipped with OLED panels measuring 128 x 32 pixels which can display a personal message, which designed the Razer Nabu order to vibrate at incoming notification received and with a little arm twisting, Private Message Screen displays will be activated immediately and displays the details of the notification. WeChat addition, this device can also display various notifications to various popular social networks such as Twitter, Google Maps, Instagram and Facecook. In addition, Nabu is also equipped with an accelerometer, alimeter, vibrator motors, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, a battery that can last 5-7 days and IP54 certified for its resistance to water.