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Tablet Use Nvidia GPU Core 192 Keppler

Nvidia’s back hit the Android-based gaming device market with the release tablet Shield. Unlike its predecessor, Shield shaped tablets like Android tablets in general. There is no integrated gamepad as is done in Nvidia Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia arming Shield K1 Tablet with Tegra processor, the GPU has 192 cores Keppler. RAM capacity is 2 GB. Graphics processing results will be displayed through an 8-inch screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

tablet nvidiaBy design, this tablet Shield has little resemblance with HTC. That’s because the tablet has two speakers on the top and bottom of the screen.

Shield Tablet is also equipped with a mini HDMI port that is capable of generating output 4K resolution video. In addition there is also a micro SD slot which can be used to expand storage up to 128 GB. Nvidia also provide passive stylus named DirectStylus 2.

Although not integrated with a gamepad like Shield Nvidia, Nvidia also provide a special gamepad for tablet Shield. The gamepad is sold at a price of USD 59 and using direct WiFi connectivity.

As reported by Pocket Lint, Shield Battery Tablet is claimed to last for 10 hours for video playback. Meanwhile, if you are used to playing games can only last for 2-4 hours.

Shield Tablets are available in a choice of WiFi only 16 GB, or 32 GB WiFi +4 G LTE, which valued USD 299 and USD 399. Tablet was first available for the U.S. market, and in mid-August 2014 will be available in the European market.

Google changing the design of the Android Play Store with Style L

Although the Android OS L is currently available in beta for developers, but it turns out Google has begun the release of installments of other elements of the newest OS.

Mountain View-based company was to update the look of animation and Play Store with new designs that are tailored to the style of Materials Design – which became the theme of the design of the Android L.

google play store designIt was dikicaukan on Twitter by @GooglePlay account. “Our newest update is already available! We are very excited to share examples of where you want to get in the coming days,” Google wrote.

The design changes occurred in page Play Store app on Android. As seen, this is a massive update in every aspect of the design of the page. One of the most visible is the background color changes from gray to white.

In addition, Google also much swapping the placement of various elements on the page. An example screenshot of the application that was moved from the top of the bottom.

Although not all the material elements of design used in this update, at least the user can begin to get an idea of the application of the Materials Design in the Android OS.

Sharing info via Zohib Messenger Homecoming

Eid forth season arrives. The number of moving vehicles often lead to congestion, collisions and others. Ministry of Communications seeks to help break the bottleneck and reduce the number of accidents by providing Zohib Messenger.

In cooperation with many parties, communication and information technology to facilitate the dissemination of information to the travelers. The dissemination of information is done through the medium of telecommunications, broadcasting and the internet.

In terms of telecommunications, information disseminated through short messages (SMS Blast) with the help of mobile telecommunication operators under the coordination of Information and Public Relations Communications and Information Technology.

Media Broadcasting, conducted by Radio Broadcast, where the channel frequency for each location can be seen in a leaflet issued by the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication.

Zohib Messenger, is the dissemination of information is done through the application Lebaran developed by the Directorate of Special Telecommunications along with the click of Indonesia. This application is a service of Over The Top (OTT), working on ecosystem Click Indonesian.zahir messenger

“For Eid 2014 edition, Zohib Messenger application plus a special menu or channel information Lebaran,” said the Ministry of Communications through its official website.

In the menu, travelers could get pushed location-based information messages within a radius of 10 km as the condition of traffic jams or accidents.

Besides pushed the info messages are also available interactive information that is location Hospital, rest area, garage, police stations and gas stations within a radius of 10 km is shown embedded in the map / folder.

Users can also see real-time traffic conditions via CCTV is available within a radius of 10 Km in a video or image formats. Zohib Messenger application currently can only be used on Android phones.

“With the information dissemination activities carried traffic during homecoming season, hopefully people will have the comfort and security so that the loss of moral, material and fatalities can be reduced,”

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Price Cut

Actually, without any price discount Pocket Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera output has been relatively low for a video camera. That’s when weighing the video quality produced by the ‘pocket camera’ is.

pocket cinema cameraBut if that was not enough, Blackmagic Design has just circumcise Pocket Cinema Camera prices up by nearly half. If before the camera was sold at a price of USD 995, now costs just USD 495.

This rebate is only valid until August 31, after which the price will return to normal.

For the videographer who already have a collection of lenses or adapters for mounting the Micro Four Thirds, this rebate should be enough to attract attention.

The main advantage of the Pocket Cinema Camera is a high dynamic range, ie up to 13 stops. This can be achieved if the user record video in ProRes 422 format or CinemaDNG.

As the name implies, the Pocket Cinema Camera dimensions are very small when compared to other video cameras. Despite its small and weighs only 355 grams, it does not mean limited connectivity. Pocket Cinema Camera has a micro HDMI port, mic input, headphone port is also integrated in the body.

Uber, Startup Minimalist maximum turnover

Until last year, at least Uber already operates in 26 countries and 60 cities. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick does have ambitious targets, which are present in the city in two weeks.

Results swerved proved fruitless. Uber including minimalist company is able to produce maximum profit. In the last year alone, Uber already making a profit EUR 213 million.

ubercolumbus new startupOne such advantage is gained from the results with the percentage of 80% for vehicle owners and the rest is given to Uber. Uber does not have its own fleet and operational arguably not spent too much.

Apart from the controversy, Uber is constantly evolving from the user side. Noted, Uber never reached 398 thousand new signups every week.

These applications also have received 1 million orders in each week. Not surprisingly, Uber never grabbed 11% profit growth in the next 5 weeks.

Uber is currently being intensively to expand. The company is based in San Francisco, the United States has issued a $ 1.4 billion investment.

Uber indeed close to the controversy. Some of them, the pros and cons of the taxi route permit to ever hit a 6-year olds during the celebration of the new year. But they managed to get a $ 1.2 billion fund.

Duel Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera vs. Sony

Talking about mirrorless cameras, the longer the current trend is Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless camera. The second main difference is the design of the system.

Fuji camera adopts the design of analog cameras / film and rangefinder, where many tangible camera control wheel (dial), levers and buttons. While Sony is more modern and more like a DSLR camera but the shape is more compact and lighter.

camera mirrorlessProblem tactical control, Fuji has wheel / dial to set the ISO, and shutter speed that is above the camera, and the aperture is set by turning the aperture ring on the lens, just like the movie camera / analog. For those who frequently use the manual mode dial this will certainly help and feel enjoy to operate this camera.

Fuji has a collection of more lenses than Sony E lenses for mirrorless, but not yet complete. Most prices range between U.S. $ 6-12 million.

One that I often hear from the user’s friends Fuji is the process of JPG photo Fuji looks more natural and gives the impression of nostalgic films. Perhaps because the experience of Fuji that has been decades in the film era.

On the other hand, the Sony camera design looks more modern and more like a DSLR camera. Change the exposure settings like shutter speed and aperture using a dial wheel like a DSLR camera.

In some types of intermediate-advanced cameras such as A6000 and A7, many buttons that can be customized as desired and user habits