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Specifications GoPro Hero 4 Appears In Cyberspace

Who does not know the name of the GoPro? Brand that started this Kickstarter project, being one of the leading camera in the action genre. This success comes from innovation that is present in every new product they make. After 3 + GoPro exploding market, the presence of successor is eagerly awaited by his fans. Now the specs of the next GoPro has been leaked on the internet. I wonder what new things will come from this camera?

gopro hero 4The camera is most likely called the GoPro Hero 4 comes with some improved specs compared to its predecessor. If the previous GoPro 3 + is only able to take a video with 4K resolution at 15 fps, 4 brings the ability GoPro 30 fps at the same resolution. For 1080p and 720p resolution was increased to 120 and 240 fps. The ability to take a picture with high fps is essential for an action camera. Improvement in terms of photography include increased resolution from 12 to 13 MP, multi-exposure HDR capabilities previously not owned Hero 3 +, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) tone mapping and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) that the resulting image is more stable.

gopro spesificationsOne thing that is quite interesting is the GoPro Hero 4 specs leak was done by the party producing the processor of the camera. Ambarella called A9 processor chip is an SoC containing an ARM A9 Dual Core ® CortexTM-A9 1GHz processor with a speed that has an FPU accelerator. This is the “brains” of some improved performance from the Hero 4.

The camera itself will be present in the market in the summer of 2014 and will be priced at more or less the same as the Hero 3 + which is about USD $ 340.

The Performance Capabilities on Ubuntu Mobile Meizu

Quite a long time no hear, the news about Ubuntu re-circulated. This time the OS is made ​​by Canonical skill performance via phone Meizu previously mentioned would be the first smartphone Ubuntu.

Through a video, run Ubuntu using mobile phone Meizu MX3 look is smooth. Ubuntu allegedly used a final version and just waiting for the time of its release.

In addition, the overall Ubuntu running on Meizu MX3 also thrusts the look and manner of use are quite different. Especially when compared with Android as the OS is going to be the strongest competitor.

Because both based on open source, a number of speculators calling Ubuntu has a strong potential to compete with Android. Moreover, coupled with the magnitude of its community support.

Unfortunately it is still not clear when Ubuntu started to enter the mobile phone market. But for the gadget enthusiast who are curious to try it, Ubuntu has been fully supportive of the use of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

Here’s a video on cell phone use Ubuntu Meizu MX3.

New Format, Facebook Ads Appear ‘Width’

Finding something different to look up now? Facebook is just applying a new ad formats on its website. With the new design, Facebook expands coverage of the ads to the audience.

new format ads facebookThis change can be felt on the desktop Facebook users. The most visible of these changes is the emergence of more number of ads in the right column. The new format also create ads that appear in your News Feed looks ‘wide’.

In a statement through a blog post, Facebook said that the ad links in the new format will visually appear consistent with the advertising that appears in the user’s News Feed.

“They will use the same proportion as the advertising News Feed desktop. They appear in larger size,” said Facebook as reported by Smart Company.

“For advertisers, this format offers a much simpler way of creating advertising and increase the creativity of advertising in the right hand column of Facebook,” Facebook added.

In addition to the new advertising formats, Facebook also will expand the capabilities of the tool Lookalike Audiences. There will be new features that allow businesses to target a new audience that has the same profile with their existing customers.

‘Tortured’ Wear Hammer, How Fate of the Galaxy S5?

To prove his toughness, not a technology media extreme test on the Galaxy S5. But unexpected things experienced by testers while torturing Galaxy S5 using a hammer.

Originally torture of mobile phones Samsung champ is done relying on the sharpness of the blade. Although most of the surface of the body behind the Galaxy S5 scratches due to the testing, part of the screen is not scratched at all.

Then testing continues using the hammer. Galaxy S5 too ravaged receive hammer blows, especially the screen, which cracked on the first punch.

However, when switching to the rear body section, unexpected things happen. Hammer blow to the back of the body that make the battery cover off, turned out to have a major impact on the battery Galaxy S5.

The blow directly on the corner of the battery resulting in leakage. Instantly bulging batteries, following the discharge of the battery. Impulse discharge the battery was made ​​prior swirling until it flew out of range of the camera.

Although not raises a bigger problem, than existing video, test teams sounds quite surprised by the incident. Here’s the video.