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Boeing Black, Mobile Anti Tapping for U.S. officials

Worried your phone tapped? Black might be able to glance at Boeing. It is a smartphone developed hardware and software with a high level of security.

Boeing Black glance like Android phones in general. But behind the rigid design, it has been equipped with a series of bona fide security system.

boeing black smartphoneStart of encryption features, crypto engine, the trusted platform module, secure boot, and various other security components.

At the back of this phone can be unlocked and then added with various modules such as extra batteries, a satellite transceiver, to advanced location tracking sensors.

In fact, Boeing Black can be ‘suicide’ or erase the data on it is automatically when it detects any attempt to recover or disassemble the phone casing.

As a result, Boeing – as creator- targeting the officials and staff of Defense Institute of Security and the United States to use the phone anti-tapping.

As for the specification, Boeing Black appeared with the 4.3-inch screen, QHD displya, 1.2 GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, a microSD slot, dual SIM, Bluetooth v2 + EDR, and a 1590 mAh battery.

Here’s How It Works Fingerprint Scanner Galaxy S5

After Apple and HTC, mobile phone manufacturers which almost certainly will adopt fingerprint scanner is Samsung. Features that are likely to be used by Samsung in Galaxy S5 also has revealed how it works. How?

Basically sensor fingerprint scanner is used on the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 has the same working principle. Both have basic functions as users login access options besides just using a PIN.

galaxys5renderHowever, compared to the iPhone 5S, arguably the fingerprint scanner on the S5 Galaxy reportedly have fewer advantages. Not just as an access log in the handset, the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner can also be to open a particular application.

Later, users can register up to 7 different fingerprints on the Galaxy S5. In addition to the access log, seven registered fingerprint will represent the desired application. As an illustration, when the Galaxy S5 in a locked condition, in addition to unlock it, users can also directly open the BBM app by scanning the index finger prints.

So also when for example the user wants to directly open the Facebook application from the state of the Galaxy S5 is locked, simply scan the fingerprint, such ring finger. But before it is possible, users must first register with the fingerprint application wants.

As quoted from Cnet, as well as the iPhone 5S, a fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 will also be located at the position of the home button, not on the screen exactly as previously outstanding issues. In addition, the leak was at once dismissed the use of the eye’s retina scanner that could be used is called the Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 himself reportedly slid in late 2014 Mobile World Congress this February.

64 Bit Processor Samsung Exynos Infinity Dubbed

If Apple has the A7 as its 64 bit processor which is embedded in the iPhone 5S, then Samsung is almost certain to be caught up. Brought together a 64-bit computing, it is said will named as Samsung Exynos Infinity.

exynosinfinityIn a banner ad, even Samsung has blatantly displaying the time of release is written clearly in Barcelona. Although not described in question is the Mobile World Congress 2014, almost predictable Samsung will announce at the event, along with the launch of the Galaxy S5.

Exynos infinity itself is said to be embedded on one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Carrying a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, this processor will likely continue to rely on big.LITLE architecture and octa-core technology.

As for the graphics chip Exynos Infinity ditandem with Mali T-628 is known to have 6-core graphics processor. In addition Exynos Infinity will also be combined with the use of 3 GB of RAM to maximize its potential.

WD combine SSD and HDD in One Drive

Confused choosing a storage medium between Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Why not just combine the two.

This is the new technology offered by Western Digital (WD) through series 2 dual WD Black drives. Yes, SSD and HDD merged into one.

wd300 HDD SSDWD Black 2 is a dual-drive storage innovation that combines a unique 2.5-inch solid state drive 120 GB to 1 TB of hard disk drives.

Although only one drive, which is installed on the computer still detected two partitions, the SSD 120 GB and 1TB HDDs.

Another advantage of WD Black 2 is when one drive dies, the other can still be used.

This excess due exploit the advantages of both flash and magnetic disks, WD Black2 off load dual drives do use the data from the HDD to the SSD, which increases the durability and life of the SSD.

So as there are two partitions on the computer, but the difference is only installing one drive alone.

Moreover, these products are free from caching algorithms and interfaces benefit from the speed SATA 6 GB / sec. All this is neatly packaged in a standard 2.5-inch form factor 9.5 mm, with legacy SATA connectors, making WD Black 2 dual drive is compatible with popular PC operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

Dino ensure storage media with the world’s first technology will be available on store shelves in March, with a price of USD 300.

The price is expensive than purchasing separate between HDD and SSD, therefore we are targeting the high-end class. With a 5 year warranty.

New Features of Android BBM Ready to Compete Skype

Skype, Whatsapp, and the line should be ready with the new features offered by BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) cross-platform. I could have lost the status quo with its instant messaging service from Canada.

bbm android iosFeatures BBM for Android and iOS consists of the addition of voice calls between users for free fuel, the origin is connected to a WiFi connection. For this feature, Skype must be vigilant.

In addition to phone calls free, also includes a feature BBM BBM Channel, which previously had sudaha exist in the BlackBerry OS. This new feature allows users to join or create a community with similar interests.

“Users can now join the channel topic such as products, hobbies, etc. entertaimen. Companies can form a group of business to communicate with its customers,” wrote in his blog BlackBerry.

It is also interesting, because BBM Android and iOS is also now integrated with Dropbox. So that users can share files, photos or any large.

Lastly, the new features in BBM cross-platform is the emergence of 100 new emoticons. So that communication with other BBM users can be much more fun. This matter should have warning line.

Canon 70D vs Nikon D7100, Which One is Ok?

Canon 70D and Nikon D7100 is a digital SLR camera that is relatively sophisticated and good enough to be used as a serious camera for work or hobby.

Some of the similarities of the two cameras, namely, the size and weight of roughly the same at around 750 grams. Got two LCD screens (one on the back, one on top).

canon70d vs nikond7100In general, the control buttons and wheels quite complete. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčconsecutive photos are also almost identical, Canon 70D capable of shooting up to 7 photos per second, the D7100 sedangan to 6 photos per second in full resolution photos, 7 images per second with a resolution of 1.3x.

The number of pixels is generated both cameras are also not much different, producing images 20-megapixel 70D, D7100, 24 megapixels.

The second camera autofocus system can also be quite similar. Canon 70D Canon 7D autofocus module inherits a pretty good, while the D7100 has autofocus module inheritance of most of the professional Nikon camera.

Well, the rest I will discuss the advantages compared to the Canon 70D Nikon D7100.

Advantages of the Canon 70D

-. The touch screen makes it easy when shooting with the rear LCD screen (live view), for autofocus, video and camera settings.
-. The screen can be rotated.
-. WiFi installed in the camera.
-. Autofocus during live view and record video much smoother and faster

Advantages of the Nikon D7100

-. Results sharper images because there is no low-pass filter in front of the sensor.
-. There is an automatic choice 1.3x crop.
-. Two SD memory card slots.
-. 100% viewfinder coverage, at 98% 70D.
-. Slightly larger screen size is 3.2 inches by 3 inches.
-. The top and back of the camera from magnesium alloy metal, feels more solid.

The second camera is a good camera. For those who want to buy a new digital SLR camera for the first time or leaning to the videography, the Canon 70D may be more flexible for fast autofocus during live view, no WiFi to transfer photos to other devices such as mobile phones or computers.

While the demand for digital SLR cameras that produce quality images and sharp detail for large prints, and the camera body feels solid and durable, the Nikon D7100 is a better choice.

For who already have a considerable collection of lenses from Nikon / Canon, it seems there is no compelling reason to move from one system to another.