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What Value of Big Data Important for Business?

You may have heard talk of Big Data. But what Big Data means for you and your business?

The important thing, how you can understand the benefits of Big Data to solve the problem quickly, accelerate innovation and drive growth for competitive advantage?

big-data-businessThe potential of Big Data technologies found in the creation of business insights from massive amounts of data that have not been used in the digital world with the analysis.

To generate business insights, one must understand the changes in the data. The growth of data that is created as documents, photos and music downloaded etc. is not new, but the surprise was the increase in growth.

IDC’s latest annual study of the digital world has shown an increase of data doubles every 2 years until 2020. By 2020, IDC predicts that 62% of the digital world will come from developing countries.

Even more surprising, the amount of information made ​​on other people is greater than the information created for himself. In addition, most of the new data obtained are not structured.

Video, for example, is predicted entertainment will take 46.7% of the data in the cloud in 2020. This means that more often than we know about the data, unless the data is distinguished or characterized thus creating metadata.

Consumption data by increasing mobility and users of smartphones and tablets, which do not have large internal storage and relies heavily on consumption information from the cloud, meaning almost 40% of information in the digital world will be stored and processed in the cloud during its journey from the place of origin to point of disposal.

The importance of Big Data is data analysis and results of business insights that lead to smart decisions. While not all the data useful for the analysis of Big Data, some types of data was prepared for analysis, such as the patterns in the use of social media, relationships in the data from a separate study scientific, medical information relating to the data of sociology, security camera footage and so on.

Data and business insights to change the way we do business. Decisions based on data prepared to strengthen or weaken the human judgment and speculation, where managerial decisions are made or confirmed by predictive models and analysis of big data.

Business will run fine with adopting IT infrastructure faster, such as hardware, software, services, telecommunications and staff to be at the forefront of the competition, especially when the data are required for analysis of trends rather than looking for short publicity.

The investment cost per gigabyte declined because investment will drop from $ 2.00 to $ 0.20 and businesses will increase their IT investments by 40% in 2020.

On the other hand, insights missed by the organization has a much higher cost in solving problems quickly, accelerate innovation and drive growth. The cost of data collection will be an investment, but that is not cost effective analysis will be higher.

Basic real-time insight to optimize and increase profits is Big Data infrastructure. Cloud computing helps expand the company’s infrastructure in terms of flexibility and scalability are able to handle the increased volume and complexity of data.

To maximize the potential business initiatives, Big Data needs to be run in all parts ranging from finance, purchasing and product development experience to the consumer.

Business must address the sharing of information and processes across the organization, because the challenge of information such as the volume, diversity, and the speed, security and governance issues, if not resolved, may slow in creating organizational change, projects that are difficult to control, improvement of internal organizational vision, risk business and IT operating costs are high.

With more efficiency in their infrastructure, IT administrators can focus on value-added initiatives such as the policy of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), Big Data analysis, efficiency for customers, security, etc..

Olympus OM-D E-M10: An E-M5 A More Affordable

Olympus mirrorless room again enliven the market by introducing the “sister” of the OM-D E-M5. The camera holds the name of the OM-D E-M10 is visible at a glance no different from the “sister”, though so do not judge a book by its cover. Let us know in more remote newest member of the OM-D alignment of this series.

NC_F10_SLV_tiltlowside_M1442EZ_BLKThe new camera was reported carrying some of the key features as follows:

  • Four Thirds 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Twin control dials
  • Built-in flash
  • 8 fps Continous shooting
  • 1.04M dot tilting LCD touchscreen
  • Wi-fi connection
  • ‘3-Axis’ image stabilization

If look closely at the specifications on the sister inherits some features of his elder brother, but also presents a number of new features. Physically, this camera is not significantly different from the E-M10, Olympus does not seem to want to change the layout of the camera is quite successful at first. Using the same sensor with E-M10 makes this camera inherits the characteristics of its predecessors in terms of image quality.

NC_F10_SLV_topImage processor that is carried by the E-M10 is one of the new things from this camera. If the previous E-M5 uses TruePic VI, then E-M10 uses a new processor TruePic name VII. In addition there is also increasing the screen resolution of the back of the E-M5 which is only 614k dot dot be 1.04m. The ability of the video already increased intake of a 1080/30p 1080/60i MOV. The biggest change is that the E-M10 does not have weather sealing as owned by EM-5.

OM-D E-M10 is touted as an E-M5 stripped of several features that make this camera more affordable. That statement does not make this camera a camera that was lame. Visible features a “cut” it matters rarely used or needed. But cutting feature weather sealing a move that could make a lot away from the camera, but it is a step that must be done to lower the price. Olympus camera presents new works pretty affordable with essential features remain abundant.

Buy AirWatch, VMware will be aggressive in the Mobile Enterprise

VMware, a player in the virtualization and cloud industry, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase AirWatch, a provider of enterprise mobile management and security solutions.

Funds must be spent VMware reached USD 1.175 billion in cash and $ 365 million installment payment and unvested equity.

AirWatch team will continue to report to the founder and chief executive officer of John Marshall as part of the VMware End-User Computing, led by Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM.

vmworldWhile Alan Dabbiere, co-founder and chairman of AirWatch AirWatch will oversee new operational board, which will report to Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware.

“AirWatch provide a secure enterprise mobile management, best-in-class, to thousands of businesses around the world,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware.

“With the purchase of VMware will add the basic elements for a portfolio of end-user computing we will enable our customers to improve a remarkable ability of their mobile workforce without compromising security.

Alan Dabbiere, AirWatch founder stated, when pioneering AirWatch, he wants to help businesses to succeed in the mobile explosion to come.

Now proved to be more than 2 billion smart phones and tablets in the world and more than half of the device is in contact with the enterprise.

“By joining forces with innovators like VMware has been proven, we now have the opportunity to bring our leading-edge solutions to a broad set of customers and partners to help them optimize the mobile-cloud world,” said Alan.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, AirWatch is a leading provider of enterprise solutions for Mobile Device Management and Mobile Content Management.

With more than 10,000 global customers and more than 1,600 employees in nine global offices, AirWatch solution gives enterprise a strategic platform for managing a set of mobile devices and the rapidly growing mobile workforce continues to increase.

Secret Beyond Technology Solid State Hybrid Drives

In today’s world speeding paced, high speed is sought and coveted. The need for high speed is the reason for the increased use of Solid State Drives (SSD) in the computer industry.

SSD technology is capable of delivering speeds better data access using NAND flash memory. Although the adoption rate increased SSD, Hard Disk Drives (HDD) is still very competitive in the traditional storage media market, because the HDD is able to offer a far greater capacity to lower costs for consumers and OEM manufacturers.

ew seagate enterprise turbo sshd460According to market estimates reported by IDC, the HDD industry will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6% in the period between 2011 and 2016.

With the emergence of Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD), computer users and OEM manufacturers can gain the advantages of HDD and SSD technology in one device.

SSHD is able to combine the advantages of the two ‘camps’ is because it uses advanced algorithms for optimal benefit from the HDD and SSD technology.

without limits

SSD and HDD technology each has its own advantages. The initial idea of technological innovation SSHD is: create a device that is able to combine the advantages of both technologies.

As the technology has begun to commonly applied in computer, SSDs use NAND type flash memory are susceptible to wear caused by read-write cycles.

While the HDD device, the cycle can be carried out up to thousands of times without risk of wear. NAND flash can only last about 10,000 to 60,000 times the board, depending on the type of flash memory used.

The problem of wear on the SSD to be a problem in the long-term durability and integrity of the data, especially for businesses users.

The problem is during the activity, those who have a laptop with SSD unconsciously do things that can mempendek their SSD lifespan, among others, write and erase data repeatedly, for example when creating and revising the document.

On the other hand there is the HDD. Mechanical components in the HDD is also often associated with the wear of the device along with the length of time of use, and relatively more susceptible to damage related to the rise and fall of voltage / electric current when compared to SSD.

Bearing / shaft of the hard disk drive will work constantly as long as the motor spins the hard drive, even in idle condition. In addition, the touch contact between the actuator head and disk media during the process of reading the data can also be the cause of the wear of the device.

So, how does the SSHD (eg: Seagate SSHD) achieve maximum performance and durability of these two technologies? Adaptive Memory technology is the answer.

To maximize the efficient use of storage technology on flash memory and HDD SSHD their products, Seagate developed a set of algorithms that can track data usage, and intelligently analyze the data which should be stored in flash memory and which are stored on disk.

This algorithm will also continue to make changes to the allocation of data in accordance with changes in data access patterns of the user.

Combining media HDD and NAND flash memory capacity is small (which has Adaptive Memory technology into a single device, SSHD offer synergies of both the storage media technology.

SSHD overcome the weaknesses of both technologies contained in these technologies with emphasis on the process of writing data using the HDD and the process of reading data using NAND flash.

By directing the majority of the process of writing data to the HDD in the device, limiting the SSHD process of writing data to the NAND flash memory, so it can extend the life of solid state components and enhance durability.

Using a similar principle, the process of reading data using NAND flash in the SSHD will make the HDD spins less, thereby reducing the risk of wear on the mechanical parts in it and touch minimize contact between head / disk media in the drive.

Durability Media Storage

Because NAND flash and HDD media complement each other in this device, Seagate hopes that the SSHD will surpass SSD and HDD in terms of durability. This expectation is also supported by data obtained from the field.

The chart below displays the field data obtained from one of the partners Seagate customer, a manufacturer of laptops with different segmentation classes. The information below shows the levels of returns (returns due to damage or the like) cumulative average in the period of 6 months.

As has been evidenced in the data, products Seagate second-generation SSHD (SSHD P2) reaches the level of the lowest returns of all laptop products purchased by consumers.

The data also showed that the SSHD product has endurance level higher than the HDD, the HDD P2 which became the basis of architectural design.


Now never bother to choose between speed SSD or HDD capacity. SSHD solution combines the best features of both technologies, creating a synergy that is ideal for performance, capacity, and reliability.

With intelligent algorithms to analyze and redirect the data, the SSHD utilize NAND flash memory and hard drive media optimally to cope with the workload of today’s computers. In the world of computer storage media, SSHD lets users get all the benefits in one solution.

Beauty Marissa Mayer sacks COO of Yahoo

Yahoo released the shocking news. Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro reportedly will no longer recruit the internet giant.

As reported by Business Insider, the departure of De Castro’s share of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. But this was a beautiful executive recruiting De Castro in October 2012 ago.

“In the evaluation I had done, I did a lot of hard decisions. Where one of them is our COO, Henrique De Castro, have left the company. I appreciated the contribution De Castro and wish the best for him in the future,” Mayer wrote in his official email.

henrique decastro yahoo cooDe Castro effectively gone from Yahoo by January 16, 2014. Yet mentioned who his successor for a while.

But for sure, recruited De Castro from Google 15 months ago to help Yahoo improve their rightful relationship with large agencies can be ramped up to Yahoo’s advertising business.

Mayer was initially high hopes of his colleagues said – over both the Google alumni.

Includes currently believed to be the CEO of Yahoo Mayer, De Castro also follow the plow in the hope that it can also cause bladder ads to Yahoo. Just like when De Castro created the Google ad display business which has now been able to capture revenue to billions of dollars.

Ready to swing Windows 9 April 2015?

Microsoft is preparing a new hero to replace Windows 8 is considered to have failed to shake the world. The new operating system will reportedly slid commercially in April 2015.

Windows 9, or also called Threshold, touted as a unique operating system that combines Windows, Windows Phone, and Windows RT. The operating system is also expected to be a refinement of Windows 8, which received a lot of criticism.

windows 9 microsoftIn Windows 9 later, Microsoft allegedly would restore the function of the conventional Windows Start button combined with the Metro-style interface.

Until now, the existence of the operating system is still confusing. There has been no official response from Microsoft, the only source only comes from Paul Thurrott who has been regarded as an ‘expert news’ Microsoft.